US Ambassador Haley Rips Arab, Islamic States for Posturing at UN on Palestinian Question


Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, delivered a hard hitting speech to Tuesday’s meeting of the Security Council on the Middle East, questioning the fundamental commitment of Arab states to securing progress for the Palestinians.

Haley argued that if solidarity with the Palestinians was to be judged by the volume of words expended on the issue in the halls of the UN, “one would come away with an extremely distorted picture.”

“No group of countries is more generous with their words than the Palestinians’ Arab neighbors, and other OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) member states,” Haley told the Security Council. “But all of the words spoken here in New York do not feed, clothe, or educate a single Palestinian child. All they do is get the international community riled up.”

Haley then highlighted the record of financial support from Islamic countries — radical and conservative states alike — for the Palestinian refugee agency, UNRWA.

via US Ambassador Haley Rips Arab, Islamic States for Posturing at UN on Palestinian Question

New UNRWA textbooks for Palestinians demonize Israel and Jews

NEW YORK – New schoolbooks used in United Nations Relief and Works Agency schools in Gaza and the West Bank display extreme anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiments and no hope for peace in the region, according to a study released on Wednesday by the Center for Near East Policy Research, The Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Middle East Forum.

The research, authored by Arab textbooks expert Dr. Aaron Groiss in collaboration with leaders of each of the involved organizations, examined some 150 textbooks of various school subjects, taught in grades one through 12. Seventy-five of the books checked were published in the years 2016 and 2017, as part of a new project initiated by the Palestinian Authority, which provides its curriculum to UNRWA schools.

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Deputy FM tears apart ‘Palestinian refugee’ myth

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) spoke to Fox News about the Arab-Israeli conflict and the United Nations’ role in perpetuating the myth of Palestinian refugees.

“First of all what’s really good about the way this administration is thinking about the region in general [is] they understand that still the biggest issue is Iranian issue,” Hotovely said. “The fact [is] that Israel today, more than ever, has closer relations with the moderate Arab countries such as Egypt and Jordan, and even Saudi Arabia.”

Hotovely believes that many people understand the conflict will not be resolved until the Palestinian Authority changes the way it educates children.

“We were just talking about the fact that their textbooks unfortunately are still full of hate and the denial of the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state,” she explained. “And this is I think the key to get forward in the peace process.”

Regarding the relief the United Nations provides to the Palestinian Arabs, Hotovely noted that the “UN bias against Israel” goes through “certain agencies.” She believes that since America is the main donor and the funds come off American taxpayers’ money, US taxpayers deserve transparency

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Trump Administration Reportedly Confirms $300 Million Annual US Funding of Palestinian Refugee Agency Will Continue

Three months after indefinitely delaying the potential move of the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, President Donald Trump has retained another core policy of preceding administrations by promising that annual American funding of $300 million to a UN  agency that caters solely to Palestinian refugees will not be halted, Foreign Policy reported this week.

“Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, has privately assured the UN Relief and Works Agency, or UNRWA, that the United States, which provides more than $300 million to the agency each year, will maintain its current levels of funding to the organization,” the journal reported. “‘America has long been committed to funding UNRWA’s important mission, and that will continue,’ said one official at the U.S. mission to the United Nations.”

Foreign Policy noted that the US pledge runs “contrary to the administration’s push to rein in spending on UN relief programs elsewhere. It reflects growing concern that the imposition of sharp cuts to Palestinian relief programs could thwart the White House campaign to restart Middle East peace talks, and inject further political instability in a region that stands permanently perched on the brink of political upheaval.”

The decision also puts the US sharply at odds with the Israeli government. While Israel has historically recognized the stabilizing role played by UNRWA in providing key services to the 750,000 Palestinian refugees and their descendants — who now number around five million people — more recently, it has urged that the agency be dissolved into the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which caters to the remainder of the world’s current 65 million refugees.

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Don’t Dismantle UNRWA; Reform Its Policies

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The desire of Prime Minister Netanyahu to dismantle UNRWA, while understandable in light of the agency’s egregious history of collusion with Hamas, is not a practical proposition. Israel can, however, demand that funding to UNRWA be conditioned on the agency’s reform in multiple areas.

Virtually every media outlet ​took UNRWA’s condemnation of the Hamas tunnels found under an UNRWA school at its word. Yet none of them reminded the world that both the ​UNRWA school teachers’ union and the UNRWA workers’ union of Gaza have been under the tight control of Hamas since 1999, without a word of disapproval from the agency​. Nor does UNRWA appear to object to the use of its facilities by Hamas to teach violence and war. This summer, for example, Hamas will conduct its annual summer military training camp to train upwards of 50,000 UNRWA students, aged 9-15, in the ​use of live weaponry.

The statement by the Prime Minister of Israel that UNRWA should be ​”​dismantled​”​ indicates that the Israeli government ​​hold​s UNRWA responsible for the existence of the Hamas terror tunnels under its school. Adi Schwartz, in his piece “Dismantle UNRWA” (BESA Perspectives Paper #528), concurs with the PM that UNRWA should cease to exist.

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Yes, We Should Dismantle UNRWA

Last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stunned many by declaring that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) should be dismantled.

Speaking at a weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu charged that “in various UNRWA institutions, there is a lot of incitement against Israel, and therefore the existence of UNRWA — and unfortunately its work from time to time — perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem rather than solves it. … Therefore, the time has come to dismantle UNRWA and merge its components with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees [UNHCR].”

This long overdue step has long been rejected by the Israeli establishment. Up until now, Jerusalem has prevented attempts to change UNRWA’s mandate, or close it down, because the Israeli establishment perceived the agency as a stabilizing force. Jerusalem focused instead on ending anti-Israeli incitement in UNRWA’s education system, and on decrying its collaboration with Hamas. That collaboration implied an international imprimatur on egregious Hamas behavior.

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Justin Trudeau government uses tax dollars to incite Jihadist terrorism and Hatred of Jews in Gaza

Justin Trudeau gives taxpayers’ money to an organization linked to Hamas – When will Canadians wake up and do something about this madness?
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