Revolting trolls and their cyberbullying: let’s face it, this bit of social networking is broken

Last week I was in town buying a duvet cover from John Lewis. Not a gripping opening sentence, but bear with me. I got back to my car and witnessed a well-spoken middle-aged man wearing a beautifully tailored suit and standing next to a 2011 reg £70,000 BMW screaming at a parking warden (Parking Enforcement Officer, sorry).The guy had apparently left his car on a single yellow for less than five minutes in order to pick up some medicine for his elderly mother from the chemist. The anger and language was the most ferocious thing I’ve ever seen in real life. This man just went to town – primarily racism (the PEO was black#, but also including physical appearance, wealth or lack thereof, his mother, homophobia, terrorism seriously), and an array of swearwords that would do Chris Rock proud. Think ‘tram lady’ but add 60 pounds, make it a man and give it an Etonian accent. And the PEO just stood there in the pissing rain with his oversized uniform and took it. He didn’t say a word. He simply finished printing out the ticket, stuck it to the windscreen and walked away with, incredibly, the slightest hint of a smile on his face. It was, it seemed, just another day at the office for him.

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