Argentina’s foreign minister refuses to apologise for Falkland Islands Olympics video

Responding to calls from the Defence Secretary for an apology over the controversial spot, Héctor Timerman said: “Mr Hammond should know that the world is safer when we use our creativity, rather than bomb civilians in sovereign countries.”

The advert shows Fernando Zylberberg, an Argentine hockey player, preparing in Stanley for the upcoming Olympics, before presenting the viewer with the slogan “To compete on English soil, we train on Argentine soil.”

Despite a request from WPP – the British agency of which Young & Rubicam, who created the spot, is a subsidiary – to pull the advert, the Argentine government will continue to broadcast it.

Mr Timerman, who took Argentina’s sovereignty claim to the Falklands to the UN and has criticised Britain’s “militarisation” of the South Atlantic, said Mr Hammond is an “adversary of whom to be fearful”.

He said: “I imagine that, since he assumed his role as Defence Secretary, Mr Hammond has been so busy controlling the many British soldiers at war that he has not had time to read Margaret Atwood, born in one of his former colonies, who in 1993 wrote: ‘War is what happens when language fails’.

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