Links Between Islamism and Executions

Just how strict and brutal it is to enforce Islamic law, sharia, has now been revealed by Amnesty International.

Amnesty’s study, which details the number of reported executions around the world, clearly maps out the most at-risk populations. Lands ruled predominantly by sharia are apparently the most vulnerable to multitudes of executions without fair trials. At the top of the list, with the most executions, are those nations that enforce Islamic sharia law. Despite many human rights violations, these nations, apparently undeterred, continue to execute their citizens.

Sharia makes those in authority infallible and untouchable. Therefore, whatever the government or those in power deem to be “just” can be carried out without question or consequence. Under sharia law and the Islamic penal code, executions can be carried out in sickening forms. Those convicted may be beheaded, hanged, stoned, or shot to death.

As disturbing as the numbers in the report may be, they do not represent the reality that the citizens in these nations across the world face every day. There is, evidently, a connection between radical Islamist governments and extremist groups. The report does not include the gruesome executions that are carried out on a regular basis by extremist Islamist groups and non-state fundamentalists, such as members of the Islamic State (ISIS) and their affiliated groups.

These executions include, as we have seen, slitting throats, burning alive, drowning alive and crucifixion.

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Schlussel Sues Dearbornistan Hts to STOP Sharia, Discrimination Against Non-Muslims; HOW YOU CAN HELP

On Monday, I filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of Dearbornistan Heights. The City discriminated against me, violated my civil rights, and denied me Constitutional right to equal protection under the law because I am not Muslim, male, Arab, and foreign-born in a Middle Eastern country AND because I am a Jewish female American-born United States citizen. On top of that, the City created illegal new laws that favor Muslims and Islam above all others, a major violation of both the Establishment Clause and the Fourteenth Amendment right to Equal Protection under the law.

What happened to me is a preview of what will happen all over America, as the Muslim population increases and we continue to give up freedom and democracy because Muslims here demand it. I need your help to turn the tide. Here are the details on what I’m doing and what you can do to help.

The next time you hear anyone in the media or any politician claim that there is no sharia (Islamic law) in America, think of my lawsuit, Debbie Schlussel v. City of Dearborn Heights et al (read the federal civil rights complaint filed by my awesome lawyer Dan Lehman). It is Exhibit A that Muslim-controlled American cities or those with large Muslim populations (and spineless politicians eager to please them) do, in fact, practice sharia; do, in fact, engage in codified, established discrimination against non-Muslims and in favor of Muslims; do, in fact, choose Islamic law over laws made through the democratic process; and do, in fact, choose the koran over the United States Constitution. What Dearbornistan Heights did to me strongly illustrates all of these in action.

In 2015, a Muslim woman named Malak Kazan filed a lawsuit against Dearbornistan Heights, a metro-Detroit-area municipality that is home to one of the largest and most concentrated populations of Muslims outside the Middle East. It is also home to the Islamic House of Wisdom, believed to be the second largest mosque in North America, the imam of which was the spiritual leader of Ayatollah Khomeini’s Iranian Navy. The city has a Muslim Judge, David Turfe, who openly supports the terrorist group Hezbollah (which murdered hundreds of Americans) and a Muslim activist–Dave Abdallah–among its City Council members.

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Unmarried couple are buried up to their necks and stoned to death for ‘violating Islamic law’

This is not civilization, but savagery at its worst — because it is religious and “righteous.”

This is what the apologists would bring to your neighborhood.

This is what those who enthuse about sharia want to see happen to you if you don’t obey its brutal code.

Ignore this at your peril — the successful spread of sharia will condemn our children and following generations to unimaginable misery.

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