Video: Robert Spencer on Ramadan, the month of jihad

Watch CBN News’ George Thomas’  interview with Middle East expert Robert Spencer & former Muslim Isik Abla on why Islamic terrorists are commanded to kill during Ramadan

ISIS is calling on its followers to massacre civilians during Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, saying violence is a ‘beloved” act to Allah.

And it appears the bloodletting is underway.

Muslims in Afghanistan are mourning the loss of family members, friends and colleagues, the day after a massive truck bomb in the capital city killed at least 90 people and injured more than 450 people….

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Tillerson declines to host Ramadan event at State Department

This may signal an end to nearly two decades of Islamopandering. If it weren’t for international jihad terrorism, there would never have been these government Ramadan observances, which are an effort to show Muslims that we really aren’t that bad, so please don’t kill us. These events are a result of the analysis that places the blame for jihad terrorism on U.S. foreign policy, rather than upon Islam’s jihad doctrine. If the Trump administration really ends them, the establishment media will howl, as this Reuters report demonstrates, but those who have long advocated a realistic approach to the jihad threat should take heart.

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Prince Charles tried to halt Afghan invasion to “honor Ramadan”

Prince Charles tried to halt the American invasion of Afghanistan to ‘honour’ Ramadan.

He made the plea to the US ambassador to London four weeks into the huge military operation launched after the 9/11 terror attacks.

The startled envoy asked the prince, ‘Sir, are you really serious?’ according to a book being serialised from today by the Daily Mail. Charles’s intervention appears to have been made behind the back of then prime minister Tony Blair.

Last night an officer who led UK forces in Afghanistan said the prince’s request was absurd. Critics described it as grossly irresponsible. Politicians in the UK are used to the prince trying to meddle in policy and his handwritten ‘black spider memos’ are legendary.

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Turkey: A Thuggish Ramadan

Zaytung, a popular online humor magazine (a kind of Turkish “The Onion”) ran a story:

“Government officials in this eastern city are mulling the possibility of airdropping food, beverages and cigarettes onto busy streets, hoping that this may break some fasters’ resistance to hunger, thirst and tobacco needs. The city has been in shock as, already one week into the holy month of Ramadan, no one has been publicly beaten up for eating, drinking or smoking.”

Zaytung’s mocking was not without a reason. “If one tried to eat in a restaurant [in some parts of Turkey] during Ramadan, one may be insulted or even physically harmed. Indeed, each year there is an incident of an unobservant college student being beaten up or even murdered in the southeast for not fasting during Ramadan,” observed Soner Cagaptay in a 2008 article in the Washington Institute.

In 2010, as art lovers drank sangria out of plastic cups and contemplated iconoclastic pieces of art, a group of locals in central Istanbul attacked them with pepper gas and frozen oranges. For an hour, they smashed windows and injured dozens, including visiting foreigners. The attackers justified themselves, saying that drinking alcohol, especially outdoors, violated Islamic rules. Then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, now president, said, “Such incidents occur everywhere in the world.”


Turkish Professor: “Those Who Do Not Do Islamic Daily Prayers Are Animals”

Many Muslims claim that the Islamic month of Ramadan is not simply an exercise in fasting during the day. It is, they say, a chance for “a spiritual boost,” “mental peace” or “a moral awakening.”

During Ramadan, however, it often seems as if hate speech and intolerance are as rampant as ever, possibly even more — especially with the “Ramadan TV programs,” which are popular.

With the advent of Ramadan, Turkey has not opened only the season of fasting; it has also opened the season of “Ramadan Intolerance.”

This frequently consists of statements which threaten or dehumanize those who do not fast. During this season, many national television channels and social media users in Turkey disgorge hatred against those who do not carry out the strictest Islamic requirements.

Turkish professor Mustafa Askar, at Ankara University’s School of Divinity, said on the “Joy of Ramadan” program, aired on the state-funded TRT channel: “Those who do not do Islamic daily prayers are animals.”


There is Nothing More Ramadan-y Than Murder

Muslims, we are told, are shocked and appalled by the Jihadist terror attacks during Ramadan. Ramadan, we are incessantly lectured, is a time of fasting and prayer. Not a time for murder.

Islamic violence during Ramadan is as shocking as rain falling on Seattle.

The Religion of Peace’s current Ramadan Bombathon score is up to 1723. Last year it approached 3,000. In 2014, it didn’t even hit 2,400. In 2013, it was a mere 1,651. So Islamic violence during Ramadan has clearly gotten worse, but when you’re massacring over a thousand people, doubling the total doesn’t count as shocking. It’s certainly appalling, but not to Muslims who worship Mohammed’s legacy.

And Mohammed slaughtered non-Muslims during Ramadan.