Unsayable Truths About a Failing High School

Last week, my high school alma mater in the prosperous Montgomery County suburbs of Philadelphia went viral. A video of a student brawl injuring four security officers and eight teachers appeared on YouTube, bolstering long-whispered rumors of the district’s decline. Four students were taken into custody; one of them, 18 and charged as an adult for four counts of aggravated assault, is still in jail as I write. All four of the students were black females.

I haven’t visited Cheltenham High since I graduated in the faraway American Graffiti era, but I ventured back for a packed emergency community meeting about the May 4 events. In addition to memories, I found a stark illustration of the nation’s evasions about racial gaps in education.

It became clear almost immediately that the brawl was no one-off. “Really we have experienced [this kind of fight] our entire high school career,” said the student council president, the first speaker lined up at the audience mikes. “We complained. We never got any response. We were told all disputes were personal and the school was safe. Why now?” she asked tearfully. “Because a video of it was leaked to the media?” Students described rape threats, stalking, kids sent back to classrooms after menacing teachers or classmates, teachers walking past fighting kids, security guards looking the other way. The problems, students insisted, weren’t limited to the high school; they remembered thuggery in middle and even elementary school, too.

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U.S. Catholic bishops complicit in Muslim persecution of Christians

A prominent Islamic expert is comparing the bishops’ silence on terrorism to sex abuse cover-up. Robert Spencer, an Islamic terror expert and author of 16 books on Islam, released an editorial Sunday excoriating the U.S. bishops’ actions to punish clergy and schoolteachers who speak out against Islam, including Spencer himself.

“The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops moves actively and swiftly to silence and demonize voices that tell the truth about the Muslim persecution of Christians,” Spencer noted, naming various bishops who’ve refused him, as well as other Muslim critics, a platform in their dioceses.

“You can reject every element of the Nicene Creed and everything the Church teaches, and still the U.S. Catholic Bishops will consider you a Catholic in good standing,” he continued. “But if you believe that Islam is not a religion of peace, you have no place in the U.S. Catholic Church.

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Report: Prince Charles Visit to Israel Scrapped by ‘Pandering’ British Foreign Office

The former commander of British forces in Afghanistan has decried the alleged cancellation of an official visit to Israel by Prince Charles later this year – which would have marked the first official visit by a member of the royal family since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948.

Col. Richard Kemp, a former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, told The Sun newspaper that the decision was an “insult to British war dead,” and accused the Foreign Office of being behind the decision. During the visit, Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, had been set to honor the 16,000 British and Commonwealth dead during the centenary of the World War 1 Palestine Campaign, as well as the 1917 Balfour Declaration in which the British declared their support for a “Jewish national home.”

Kemp, a vocal supporter of Israel, slammed the Foreign Office as a “camel corps” who were “pandering” to Arab dictators.

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Dutch police accused of bribing newspaper to bury data on Muslim migrant crime

Dutch police hiding statistics revealing asylum seeker’s involvement in crime, even attempting to bribe journalists into ignoring the topic, it has been claimed.

The national police force of the Netherlands admitted trying to cut a deal with the country’s largest newspaper, which claimed to have been offered leads and exclusive stories if they dropped a freedom of information request on the number of asylum seekers involved in crime.

However, the police denied this amounted to a cover-up, claiming they wanted the figures to remain secret as they could be “misleading” to the public. They statistics have still not been published.

“Unfortunately, this approach makes it look like police seek to ignore facts that are socially sensitive. Nothing is less true”, police chief executive Erik Akerboom said in a statement this Monday.

Mr. Akerboom and the force was responding to an article in De Telegraaf, published over the weekend, revealing the underhand deal proposed to them by police.

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Video: Robert Spencer on Islam and free speech at Gettysburg College

Thanks again to the police and security personnel who were out in force last night as I spoke at Gettysburg College. They ensured that Left-fascists would not disrupt the event as they did Monday at the University at Buffalo. And now you can see the presentation yourself and judge whether saying these things warrants all the outrage with which my invitation to speak was greeted.

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