Christianity declining 50pc faster than thought – as one in 10 under-25s is a Muslim

A new analysis of the 2011 census shows that a decade of mass immigration helped mask the scale of decline in Christian affiliation among the British-born population – while driving a dramatic increase in Islam, particularly among the young.

It suggests that only a minority of people will describe themselves as Christians within the next decade, for first time.

Meanwhile almost one in 10 under 25s in Britain is now a Muslim.

The proportion of young people who describe themselves as even nominal Christians has dropped below half for the first time.

Initial results from the 2011 census published last year showed that the total number of people in England and Wales who described themselves as Christian fell by 4.1 million – a decline of 10 per cent.


Norwegians: Outsiders in Their Own Country

It just keeps coming, the propaganda. A new wave every day. Poured out by ideologues determined to flood the truth – to drown it out – in wave after wave of lies.

“Norway isn’t becoming less Norwegian because it’s changing,” a man named Salimi cheerfully reassured Aftenposten the other day. Salimi – who came to Norway 37 years ago and was in on the founding of SOS Racism, the Anti-Racist Center, and various other enterprises and activities, including a well-known annual food festival in Oslo – described today’s Norway with enthusiasm as a place where immigrants and natives are gradually and peacefully adapting to one another, each embracing the new and mysterious aspects of each other’s cultures. Although “extremist Islam and Islamophobia” represent threats to these marvelous developments, noble and well-meaning Muslims, Christians, and Jews, working together on the basis of “shared universal values,” are striving with increasing success to forge a harmonious multicultural society founded on mutual respect and acceptance.

Blah, blah, blah


Recovering Muslim Bosch Fawstin On Islam and Political Correctness

From the pages of Gus Van Horn comes a link to an important article concerning the war on terror and calling Islam, “Islam”. Here are a couple quotes selected by Gus that give readers a feel for the meat of this powerful post.

Do yourself a favor and check it out and stop your representatives from gagging themselves on the sand they hide their heads under trying to be politically correct instead of thoughtfully engaged. Consider adding Gus to your blog subscriptions. He is a fabulous thinker, writer and a well versed advocate of Objectivism.


Shamim Chowdhury: Why as a Muslim I Celebrate Christmas

For the fifth year running, I will be at work on Christmas Day. But while the thought of spending the most important day in the Christian calendar in the office will fill most people with horror, I am actually looking forward to it.

The reason? As the person tasked with feeding my colleagues who will also be working that day, it is my intention to see to it that a stupendous spread is laid on, and that the general atmosphere is as celebratory as possible. I’ve already opted for chicken instead of turkey, but am still deliberating whether to buy some smoked salmon or prawns, although in truth I’ll probably go for both.

My enthusiasm is in no way hampered by the fact that I am Muslim, for I do not believe that by choosing to partake in a national festival, I am in any way compromising my personal beliefs.

And I am not alone in this opinion. All across the land, posters for halal turkeys in butchers’ shops in Muslim-populated areas such as Southall, Leicester and Birmingham stand testament to the significance Muslims place on this day. In these parts, greengrocers will be placing extra orders for Brussels sprouts and parsnips, local shops will be stacking boxes of Christmas crackers up high and reams of sparkling tinsel will be on display in abundance.


Islam versus Europe

This shocking video (in French) testifies to how a civilised country like France can be gradually transformed into a barbarous wasteland like Egypt. It features a group of female employees of the transport company RATP (which, according to its website, is the 5th largest public transport company in the world) speaking about working with Muslim colleagues. To avoid reprisals, their faces are hidden.

The revelations here are:


Mother Kills Daughter with Acid

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Acid attacks, are a heinous crime in which the perpetrator seeks to deliberately maim or kill their victim with acid so that they suffer horrendously in the short-term, and if they survive, must suffer the further indignity of being horribly disfigured.

These attacks are most common in Cambodia, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other nearby countries.

Globally, at least 1500 people in 20 countries are attacked in this way yearly, 80% of whom are female and somewhere between 40% and 70% under 18 years of age. (Source: Wikipedia)

The recent assassination attempt of the Pakistani heroine, Malalai Yousafzi, galvanized Pakistanis who took to the streets in an unprecedented demonstration of support for Malalai. The nation and the world was swift and vociferous in the condemnation of the perpetrators, and this watershed moment seemed to mark a desire by the citizens of the country to stand up for the rights of Pakistani women and girls.


Islam: The Knife in Our Back

The racist, Muslim, mad man of decades past, Malcolm X, once remarked that, “You dont stick a knife in a mans back nine inches and then pull it out six inches and say youre making progress”. And how right he was indeed.

At the end of his life, Malcolm X was said to have come to a point of peace within himself. He renounced his hatred of “the white man” and non-Muslims publicly. And then of course he was mowed down by bullets, savagely assassinated by devotees of the “religion of peace”.