“Now Is Time to Behead Unbelievers”

Reports of Muslims torturing, raping, and forcing Christians to embrace Islam continued to mount throughout the month of October. Alice Assaf, a Christian woman recounted the experiences of Christians—including her son’s execution for refusing to deny his faith—in a village near Damascus at the hands of the Islamic State. She also told how the Islamic State massacres children in cruel and unusual ways—including by throwing them into an industrial sized dough mixer:

“[W]e heard that the militants grabbed six strong men working at the bakery and burned them inside the oven. After that, they caught some 250 kids and kneaded them like dough in the bakery dough machine…. Members of 200 different families were killed right before our eyes.”

Some Christian and Yazidi women captured by ISIS militants were sold at auctions in Saudi Arabia, America’s close friend, which is supposedly part of the coalition fighting ISIS.

In Pakistan, a group of armed Muslims kidnapped and took turns raping a teenage girl after her Christian family refused to convert to Islam. According to the report, after they broke into the Christian home in the middle of the night while everyone slept:

Six men and a woman known locally by the family who were armed with guns, sticks and metal poles began to beat the family asking them to convert to Islam or die. Despite the pain and threats to their lives the family stayed resolute to their Christian faith and refused to convert. This incensed the Muslim attackers even more. All the family members were tied up and blindfolded and two of them, 20-year-old Arif [male] and 17-year-old Jameela [female], were kidnapped and dragged into a van outside. The two of them were taken to an unknown building and tortured but Arif refused to convert to Islam. He could hear her screaming and was told by his captors that they were taking turns raping his sister and that all he had to do to save her was to convert to Islam, but still he refused though in great anguish for her.

Arif eventually managed to escape though the fate of his sister was unknown.

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Germany: Muslim migrant screams “Allah” as he slashes man’s face with knife on bus

Syrian refugee shouts Allah as he slashes man across the face with knife on bus in Germany,” Express, February 9, 2017 (thanks to The Geller Report):

A SYRIAN refugee who slashed a man across the face while shouting “Allah” has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison for GBH.

The man named only as Omar A., 20, was on a packed bus from German capital Berlin to the northern Italian city of Milan on 21 December 2015.

Omar A., who was planning to get off in Leipzig, and had consumed alcohol and drugs before the attack.

Berlin District Court heard that shortly after departure on the A10 Motorway near Michendorf, Omar A. suddenly started to hit a man in front of him, who was asleep.

The presiding judge said: “We do not know why. There was no attack on the part of the man.

“The man just fell asleep in front of him.”

According to Omar A., the man had made a phone call too loudly, which had disturbed him.

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Violence Against Non-Muslims Increases in Bangladesh

Minority communities across Bangladesh are once again facing violence and persecution by the Sunni Muslim majority. In the last month or so, dozens of Hindu temples have been vandalized and hundreds of houses burned down by Muslims in different districts across the nation.

In one incident alone, a group of Muslims carried out attacks that left more than 100 injured and several hundred victims homeless. Hindus, at 9% of the total population the largest religious minority in Bangladesh, were targeted in the attack on October 30, about 120 km from the capital city, Dhaka. Muslims, led by two Islamic organizations — the Tawheedi Janata (“Faithful People”) and Ahle Sunnat-Wal-Jamaat –vandalized more than 15 temples and 200 houses belonging to Hindus. Violence continued a few days later, when, on November 5, extremists repeated similar attacks in the same area despite police “vigilance.”

A day before the attacks began, a rumor circulated that a 27-year-old Hindu man named Rasraj Das edited a photograph superimposing the Hindu God Shiva onto an image of the Kaaba (the holiest site in Islam) and posted it on his Facebook page. Within hours of the post, he was caught by local Muslims and handed over to the police. Prior to his arrest, Das pleaded his innocence on his Facebook page, saying:

“At first I am apologizing to Muslim brothers because someone has posted a photograph from my facebook account without my knowledge. When I came to know yesterday night (October 28), I deleted it immediately. Here we live side by side as Hindu-Muslim brothers, I have no such mentality and of course I don’t have such imprudent courage.”

Yet the uproar of the Muslim community was not appeased, and on October 30, shortly after the early morning prayer, religious Muslims, in the name of “hurting Muslims’ feelings,” called on fellow Muslims, using loudspeakers from the neighboring mosques, to come out to retaliate. According to some witnesses, the local administration and police had a nonchalant attitude and did not intervene to protect the minority community.

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In Wake of Deadly Jerusalem Truck-Ramming Attack, Questions Arise About Soldiers’ ‘Reluctance’ to Shoot Terrorist

A tour guide accompanying the group of IDF soldiers targeted in Sunday afternoon’s truck-ramming attack in Jerusalem — who shot at the terrorist driving the vehicle — expressed dismay that the armed military men and women at the scene were “reluctant” to use their weapons, Israel’s Channel 2 reported.

In an interview with the news outlet after being treated at the hospital for injuries to his hand, leg and face, Eitan Rund called it “sad” that none of the dozens of IDF officers’ course cadets behaved similarly — though an initial IDF investigation revealed that two soldiers actually did neutralize and kill the terrorist.

Rund recounted running towards the truck, standing in front of it, drawing his pistol and opening fire. At that point, he said, he was hit by the truck and fell to the ground, but continued to shoot, until he ran out of bullets.

Netanyahu Says All Signs Indicate Jerusalem Truck-Rammer Was ISIS Supporter; MKs Link Attack to UN Resolution, Paris Peace Conference

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday evening that “all signs indicate” the perpetrator of the deadly truck-ramming attack in…

Rund said that even though he had emptied his magazine, the terrorist continued to drive. “If I’d had a second to think, I would have taken one of the [soldier’s] rifles…To tell you the truth, it’s really lucky that [my injuries] didn’t hurt at the time the way they do now.”

Giving his take on the soldiers’ alleged hesitance, Rund told the Hebrew news site nrg that he can’t help thinking it was connected to the case of Sgt. Elor Azaria, convicted Wednesday of manslaughter and unbecoming behavior for the March 24 shooting of a subdued Palestinian terrorist near Hebron in the West Bank.

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1,000 Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” set fire to Germany’s oldest church on New Year’s Eve

At New Year’s Eve celebrations in Dortmund a mob of more than 1,000 men chanted ‘Allahu Akhbar’, launched fireworks at police, and set fire to a historic church.

Already by 7 pm a man was hospitalised with first-degree burns to his face and hands after fireworks were hurled at a group of homeless people outside the city’s main train station. More than two dozen people were injured at festivities in Dortmund, some seriously.

The events of the night were described as “quiet” by police in a statement, and as “normal” by a spokesman for the city government.

But at 11:30pm police announced they were adding to their already much larger than usual presence in the city centre for New Year, sending in further reinforcements of officers.

This came after the force reported there being a “large number of young men from North Africa” in town, with federal police officer Volker Stall noting there was an “aggressive mood” towards the public and police.

At midnight, the situation threatened to escalate. A livewire published by the Ruhr Nachrichten reported that a crowd of “at least 1,000 young men” began throwing fireworks into crowds of visitors, which also included families with children. Asked by officers to stop, the mob turned to pelt fireworks at police instead.

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UN ‘Expert’: When Palestinian Men Beat Their Wives, it’s Israel’s Fault

After a brief 12-day visit to Israel in early September of this year, a United Nations (UN) special commissioner came to the repugnant conclusion that Arab policy of rampant women beatings and abuse is largely to blame on the Jewish state.

UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, Dubravka Simonovic, came to Israel to promote women’s rights and to investigate issues of violence against women and girls. Throughout her tour of the Palestinian Authority and Arab communities in Israel, Simonovic interviewed many Arab women, noting in her report to the UN, “domestic violence, early marriages, sexual violence, including rape and incest, as well as killings in the name of ‘honour’”.Simonovic stated in her report that honor killings in the Palestinian Authority were part of the culture and leniencies in the Jordanian-based legal system encouraged it.

But her conclusion was that the dominant factor contributing to these phenomena was “the context of prolonged occupation”.

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2016: A Turning Point for Europe?

For Western Europe, 2016 began with an apocalyptic frenzy, a nightmarish vision of its possible future – namely, an avalanche of brutal sexual assaults, over a thousand of them, committed on New Year’s Eve by savage Muslim gangs in the streets and squares of Cologne and several other major German cities.

The horrific events of New Year’s Eve didn’t happen out of the blue, of course. For over a generation, thanks to irresponsible immigration policies that had never been submitted for approval to any electorate, as well as to straightforward demographic realities, Western Europe had been steadily Islamized. At first in a few large cities and eventually even in small, remote towns, the presence of Islam became more and more visible. Over time, government officials who had made these developments possible, and who had cut back their own citizens’ welfare-state entitlements in order to feed, clothe, and house newly arrived Muslims, were rewarded not with the gratitude and assimilation they had expected but with the exact opposite. Steadily, Muslim communities developed into crime-ridden, sharia-governed enclaves, increasingly explicit in their hostility to infidels, increasingly aggressive in their rejection of the values of their host cultures, and increasingly insistent on their legal independence from secular authorities. Forced marriage, female genital mutilation, and honor killing became European problems. Hijab proliferated, then (in some places at least) niqab. And authorities reacted to all of it with a feckless passivity.

Along with the quotidian reality of stealth jihad came jihad of the more headline-grabbing sort: terrorism. Only months after 9/11, the Netherlands experienced the coldblooded murder of politician Pim Fortuyn, a vocal critic of Muslim immigration and leading prime ministerial candidate; in 2004, journalist Theo van Gogh, who had just released a documentary about Islam’s treatment of women, was butchered in broad daylight on an Amsterdam street. In 2006, Muslims around the world rioted, committed major acts of vandalism, and massacred dozens in response to a Danish newspaper’s publication of cartoons of their prophet. Bombs took 191 lives in and around Madrid’s Atocha railway station in 2004 and 52 lives in London in 2005; last year saw the assassination of 12 people at the Paris offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Each time, mainstream media and public officials made haste to insist that the atrocities had nothing to do with Islam, to reaffirm their dedication to the policies that made this bloodshed possible, and to shower Europe’s Muslims with inane, unmerited praise. Europeans didn’t have to be familiar with Islamic theology to understand that, like it or not, they were at war. And they didn’t need to know the term dhimmi to recognize that their elites were kowtowing to would-be conquerors.

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