Linda Sarsour Arrested At The US Capitol

This arrest is just another stepping stone on this hard-Left Jew-hater’s path to political power. Linda Sarsour knows that this arrest will propel her into the stratosphere among the Jew-hating, America-hating, Trump-hating left. She will parlay this into political office: mayor of New York, senator from New York…who knows? It’s shameful that getting arrested is considered a badge of honor that makes one worthy of elected office, but that is the left these days. And that’s why she did his.

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Soros Defends Sarsour

After Hurricane Harvey hit, Islamist activist Linda Sarsour put out a call for donations. But instead of the money going to hurricane victims, it was actually being directed to the Texas Organizing Project Education Fund. TOP is a spinoff of ACORN, a disgraced organization shut down in the wake of scandals involving embezzlement and internal cover-ups, and was backed by Hungarian anti-Semitic billionaire George Soros who continues to invest his ill-gotten wealth into a war against the Jewish State.

Soros has blamed Jews for anti-Semitism and described his period as a Nazi collaborator as the “most exciting time of my life.” He claims to have grown up in a “Jewish, anti-Semitic home” and called his mother a “typical Jewish anti-Semite” who hated his first wife because she was “too Jewish”. He has written an article insisting that, “America and Israel must open the door to Hamas.”

As controversy mounts over Sarsour’s appearance on a panel denying the existence of leftist and Islamist anti-Semitism, especially among activists waging a campaign of hate against Israel, her defenders are recycling a letter by “Jewish leaders” defending the anti-Semitic Islamist activist.

The “Jewish Leaders Statement Against Attacks on Linda Sarsour” contains rather few Jewish leaders. Behind “Jews for Linda”, the group linked to the letter, is Rafael Shimunov. Shimunov is the National Creative Director of the Working Families Party. The WFP is yet another spinoff of ACORN.

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BREAKING: Linda Sarsour Blocks Jamie Glazov on Twitter!

The Glazov Gang is ecstatic to proudly announce that Linda Sarsour has blocked Jamie Glazov on Twitter. The evidence of this breaking news and landmark watershed moment is revealed in the photo below:

The drama all started when Jamie did the video: Linda Sarsour – You Need to Apologize for Halloween Massacre, in which he asked: What if a person prevented the NYPD from doing its job — and it led to the murder of innocents?

Then, when Linda didn’t show signs of any interest in apologizing, Jamie got a bit restless and promoted a clip from his video: How Linda Sarsour Magically Changed From White to Black!

The clip deals with the amazing and fascinating story of how Linda went from being “white” without a hijab to being a “person of color” with a hijab — all ending with the on-the-edge-of-your-seat-thriller finale of her announcement that: “I’m Palestinian, if I want to say ‘I’m Black,’ – I’m Black!” To watch Jamie’s clip on this riveting tale, CLICK HERE.

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Islam and Feminism

Lately, western Muslim “feminists” such as Linda Sarsour or Yasmin Abdel-Magied claim that Islam is a “feminist religion” that respects women’s rights. “Islam to me,” says Abdel-Magied, a Sudanese-Australian author, “is the most feminist religion”.

By claiming that Islam is “feminist,” these self-appointed advocates seem to be trying to convince others that Islam is keeping up with modernity, human rights, and democratic values. This, sadly is a lie, and one that unfortunately seems told to facilitate the assimilation of Islam into Western countries and to improve its image.

The religion of Islam is supported by Sharia, a set of religious laws that organize the lives of all Muslims. Sharia — originally, in Arabic, “The Path,” but in modern times meaning Allah’s laws and recommendations — is based on the Quran and the hadiths, which are sayings and deeds of the prophet Muhammad, regarded by many Muslims as the perfect man.

Under Sharia, however, Muslim women enjoy fewer rights than men. In inheritance for instance, “The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females”(Quran 4:11). This law is applied even in countries such as Tunisia or Algeria, in which the legal system is not based on Sharia. As a result, Muslim women habitually inherit far less money than men, an injustice that virtually forces them, economically, to stay submissive to men. It is also a situation that has built into it the reason this law is never repealed by any parliament.

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