Meet the Dutch Muslim Writer Who Predicted Europe’s Islamist Problem

In the latest terrorist attacks, a bomb blew up inside a St. Petersburg subway station, killing 14 Russians, barely a fortnight after a jihadi killed four people in London, England.

Yet there are still many in Canada who wrongly believe the enemy we face is Islamophobia and not Islamofascism.

By contrast, in Europe, it is increasingly difficult to conceal the truth under the guise of political correctness.

On April 23, the French will go to the polls in the opening round of their presidential election.

Like the Dutch before them, one of the central issues dividing the electorate is the role of radical Islam and radical Muslims in the future of Europe.

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Wilders to Prime Minister Rutte: Stop Deceiving the People

Prime Minister Rutte ran an election advertisement in today’s newspapers.
And I have a message to this prime minister.

Stop with the deceit of the Netherlands. Stop deceiving your own people.

There is absolutely no-one who still believes you.

It was you, who caused the loss of our freedom, our security, and our culture.
It was you, who governed with the Labor Party; you, who conducted dangerous open borders policy.
You, who even allowed terrorists to freely travel in and out of the Netherlands.
You, who have given Islam free rein.
Why don’t you talk about that?
Four years of Mark Rutte means four years of, every day, a little less Netherlands.

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Far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders condemns ‘Moroccan scum’ as he kicks off election campaign

The populist far-right politician Geert Wilders kicked off his election campaign in Spijkenisse, a suburban town near the port of Rotterdam, on Saturday morning. His supporters struggled to catch a glimpse of the Freedom Party leader as reporters, many of them journalists for foreign media outlets, scrambled for access. Some of his followers were pushed to the ground by the swell of journalists and security forces.

Mr Wilders called his campaign “historic” and, in an echo of Donald Trump‘s successful US election campaign, asked his voters to “make the Netherlands ours again”. He reiterated a controversial statement on Moroccan immigrants to the Netherlands, calling them “Moroccan scum” – a subtle variation on the “fewer, fewer Moroccans” chant that saw him convicted of inciting discrimination late last year.

“Once again not all are scum but there is a lot of Moroccan scum in Holland who makes the streets unsafe, mostly young people,” he said. “If you want to regain your country, if you want to make the Netherlands for the people of the Netherlands, your own home again, then you can only vote for one party.”

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Ieg van Haperen, a 66-year-old former mailroom worker, said she recognised herself in his comments. “I don’t feel safe opening my own front door at night,” the Spijkenisse resident explained, accusing young foreigners of making her feel uncomfortable.

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