UK: Prosecutors afraid to tackle honor killings for fear of unrest from Muslims

Note the use of the term “Asian communities,” reflecting the British media’s ongoing fear of identifying Muslims as Muslims. The same term “Asian” men was often used as a euphemism for Muslim men in describing the perpetrators in the Rotherham sex scandal, in which Muslim men violated some 1400 young girls.

It’s also reported that in the UK, only “three of 43 police forces prepared to tackle honour violence ‘for fear of causing unrest in Asian communities’” and that the Crown Prosecutors Office “is facing an unprecedented wave of criticism over its prosecutions in child sex abuse cases, rape inquiries and a string of failed prosecutions against journalists.”

It is no secret that Islamic supremacists have been implicated in widespread sex assaults on Western soil, ruining the lives of women and their families, and are also committing an exorbitant range of other crimes. Now British authorities are so cowed by the fear of violence from Muslims that they are reluctant to report even the identity of the perpetrators, let alone the crimes.

That same fear is to blame not only for the shocking coverup of Muslim rape gang activity in the UK, but for the Swedish rape crisis; the coverup of a second Muslim beheading in Britain; and the fact that German police were reportedly told to coverup sex assaults by Muslim migrants.

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