Sex With an Illegal Immigrant

An illegal immigrant picks up a hooker. “Hey, how much you charge for da hour?” he asks.

“$100,” she replies.

In broken English, he says, “Do you do immigrant style?”

“No,” she says.

“I pay you $200 to do immigrant style.”

“No,” she says, not knowing what immigrant style is.

“I pay you $300.”

“No,” she says.

“I pay you $400.”

“No,” she says.

So finally he says, “OK, I pay $1,000 to do immigrant style.”

She thinks, “Well, I’ve been in the game for over 10 years now. I’ve had every kind of request from weirdos from every part of the world. How bad could immigrant style be?”

So she agrees and has sex with him. Finally, they finish and exhausted, the hooker turns to him and says, “Hey, I was expecting something perverted and disgusting. But that was not so bad. So, what exactly is immigrant style?”

The illegal immigrant replies, “You send bill to Government.”


Does this Deal Prevent Iran from Developing a Nuclear Weapon?

In his statement on the deal, President Obama seemed to suggest that Iran will never be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. He said that this “long-term deal with Iran… will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon.” He then repeated this assurance: “because of this deal, the international community will be able to verify that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not be able to develop a nuclear weapon.” These seemingly categorical statements were intended to assure the world that President Obama would keep his earlier promise that Iran will never be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

But is that what the deal itself does? Or, as stated by its critics, does it actually assure that Iran will be allowed to develop a nuclear arsenal after a short delay of several years? That is the key question that the Obama administration has refused to answer directly. It must do so before Congress can be asked to buy a pig in a poke for the American people.


The Media and Anti-Israel Anti-Zionist Slanted Coverage

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) found unbelievable and unestimated number and existence of tunnels both as an interconnected assault system under Gaza itself and infiltration into Israel with many of the tunnels having dug numerous branches such that it provided multiple exits and deploy points in Israel. They found IDF uniforms with proper unit markings, handcuffs and large plastic locking straps which can also be used as handcuffs along with syringed and sedative drugs which could be used to make anyone captured into a manageable subject barely conscious thus easier to take hostage, maps of the Israeli communities they were probably going to take hostages, these maps included identifying buildings where the most valuable hostages would be located such as schools, day care centers and other similar denotations, motorcycles which would permit the deployment of terrorists and maps of Tel Aviv and bordering areas. They found plans in the tunnels which described in detail a horrific and well thought out plan which would have added to the confusion after a massive rocket assault on Rosh Hashanah attacking the very synagogues in Tel Aviv where the largest were denoted on the maps, the Jewish New Year’s celebration. Israel dodged a bullet by locating and searching the tunnels thus averting a disaster if this plan had been launched during the High Holidays.


What Does the World Want From Israel?

Never before in human history since the Roman dispersion of the Hebrews, largely consisting of the majority remaining tribe of Judah, thus the Judeans, simply the Jews, being sent throughout the Roman Empire, particularly around the far-reaches from the heart near Rome to Jerusalem, has the world been so innately consumed with the daily actions, routine or otherwise, of such a small population sitting on such a thin sliver of land.


Western Scandals in the Middle East

The Islamic world is currently marking the month of Ramadan with day-long fasts; during this time every Muslim must give a reckoning to Allah on the personal level, the familial level, the local level and the level of the nation of Islam. Like the Israelis, Palestinians are now taking stock of the year that has passed since the 50-day war between Hamas and Israel — what the Israelis call “Operation Protective Edge,” and Hamas calls “Operation Solid.” The report of the commission that investigated the conflict, written by pro-Palestinian Prof. William Schabas and signed by Ms. Mary Davis, did not surprise anyone in Palestine.

Even before the report was published, we knew what it would say: every investigatory committee dealing with the Palestinian cause always sides against Israel, but never changes anything or influence the situation on the ground. As a Palestinian, I was glad the report made both Hamas and Israel equally responsible for the aggression, but to what avail? The result of this — and all the previous reports — only perpetuates the Palestinian problem.


If Iran Cheats after a Deal Is Signed, Can Sanctions Be Easily Reimposed?

Sanctions are not like a water spigot; they cannot be easily turned on and off. It took years and multiple UN resolutions to impose the current sanctions. Even with the existing sanctions, many countries, including the United States, have been cheating on them for years, allowing Iran to continue to maintain its economy at a high enough level to stave off any popular revolt and allow it to continue to pursue its hegemonic designs on the region.

Many countries have been standing at the starting line just waiting for the sanctions gun to go off so they can race to Iran with business proposals. Most countries will not want to reverse their policy, and it is likely the current consensus would break down, unless the Iran breach was so egregious – e.g., building a bomb (which, remember is supposed to be impossible according to the administration) – that the international community could be rallied again to act. By that time, however, it may be too late, and the only alternative may then be military action.

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“20 Years On – The Deception of Srebrenica Is Still Advancing Islamic Jihad”

Saturday July 11th 2015 marked the twentieth anniversary of the massacre of Bosnian Muslims by Bosnian Serbs in the town of Srebrenica. The opportunity to indulge in an orgy of Serb-bashing by opportunist, self-serving politicians and the duplicitous media was simply too good to miss. They were all-too-keen to continue propagating one of the biggest deceptions ever perpetrated on the West, a deception that did so much to advance Islamic jihad. For Islam, Srebrenica is the gift that keeps on giving as you’ll now see.


Britain’s Political Extremists

Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn is running for leadership of Britain’s Labour Party, with the support of George Galloway.

In 2012, Corbyn agreed to speak at a Ramadan celebration with Abdur Raheem Green, a Salafist preacher who has spoken of a “Yehudi [Jewish] … stench.” In addition, Green encourages men to hit their wives to “bring them to goodness,” and has called for the killing of homosexuals and adulterers.


Palestinians: More Missed Opportunities

It was Palestinians who hurt themselves: When Israelis were not able to hire Palestinian workers, they simply turned to foreign workers, prefabricated construction and other industrial innovations.

If the boycott of goods made in the settlements is successful, thousands, if not tens of thousands of Palestinians will find themselves unemployed, hungry, and ripe for radicalization.

The world will never give up its computing, medical, agricultural and start-up products for us. The Israelis will continue to prosper. They have already found other markets.

Mahmoud Abbas is afraid of Hamas and afraid to enter the Gaza Strip. As a result of rumors that Hamas was working privately to reach a cease-fire agreement with Israel, Abbas is threatening to dissolve the national unity government.


Why BBC, Just Tell Us Why the Distorted Reporting!

The actual size of Israel is best told by viewing comparative size maps of Israel and other nations. Below are maps comparing Israel to Great Britain, United States, India and Australia Jewish Virtual Library: Israel Maps: Relative Geographical Size.

Four Maps of Great Britain, the United States, Australia, and India with to scale map of Israel super-imposed for comparison on each map depicting her actual rather than perceived size.