‘Remorseless, Repulsive’ UK Antisemite Loses Court Appeal Over Conviction for Holocaust Denial on Social Media, in Landmark Judgement


A British woman described as a “repulsive and remorseless antisemite” lost her court appeal on Wednesday against a criminal conviction she received in 2018 for spreading Holocaust denial on the internet.

Amateur musician Alison Chabloz, 54, was sentenced by a British judge to 20 weeks’ imprisonment last June, suspended for two years, for the threatening messages and antisemitic songs that she posted to her YouTube channel.

The former cruise ship crooner was seen in the videos accompanying herself on the piano as she sang grossly offensive lyrics that poked fun at the Holocaust and recycled classic antisemitic smears.

One line of a song read: “Now Auschwitz, holy temple, is a theme park just for fools, the gassing zone a proven hoax, indoctrination rules.” Another raved: “History repeats itself, no limit to our wealth, thanks to your debts we’re bleeding you dry … Sheeple have no realization, you shall pay, all the way, until the break of day.”

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Netanyahu: Israel and Arab World United by ‘Common Interest of Combating Iran’


Israel and the Arab world are united by a “common interest of combating Iran,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday from Poland, where he was attending a US-sponsored Middle East peace and security conference.

“What we are doing is pushing and driving Iran from Syria,” the Israeli leader stated. “We are committed to doing this.”

“It is cold in Warsaw right now but Israel’s foreign relations are warming up, warming up for the better,” he asserted.

Earlier on Thursday, Netanyahu met in the Polish capital with Omani Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, four months after he visited Muscat.

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CAIR, Sarsour Erroneously Plead Religious Rights of a Murderer


Three teenagers in Selma, Alabama – Reinhard Mabins, 13, Earnest Mabins, 18, Tiffany Harville, 15 – had one thing in common: their lives were brutally cut short by a murderer, Domineque Ray.

Until last week, most of America knew little of Ray, who was sentenced to death in 1999 for his heinous acts. Ray had exhausted all his judicial appeals in both the state and federal courts. Then he filed another appeal on Jan. 28, just 10 days before his scheduled execution.

This time he claimed that the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) was required to allow his own spiritual adviser to accompany him into the execution chamber under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA). He claimed that he was being discriminated against because he was a Muslim, having converted to Islam in 2006 while incarcerated.

The ADOC chaplain is a Christian, Ray asserted, and allowing that employee into the execution chamber violated the First Amendment’s Establishment clause.

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Time to Target Terrorist Salaries Doled Out by the PA


Three-and-a-half years have passed since the Arabs of Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem launched their wave of lone-wolf terrorist attacks, and the list of murdered Israelis is truly unspeakable. Since September 2015, 78 citizens and soldiers have been butchered with knives, killed by stones, rammed by cars, or shot — all ending their lives in the same horrific manner as 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher just did.

The soul cannot find peace, and the State of Israel cannot find a solution.

The Shin Bet and other security forces thwart hundreds of terrorist attacks, but when there’s no terrorist organization pulling the strings and giving directives, Israel’s sophisticated intelligence apparatuses cannot prevent the lone knife-wielding terrorist from committing his evil deed.

Only one thing hasn’t been tried throughout this entire cursed period of time. Just one simple measure hasn’t been implemented, among other things because of objections from the defense establishment: putting an end to terrorist salaries doled out by the Palestinian Authority.
February 13, 2019 8:53 am
Donors Give Money to Support Ilhan Omar’s Antisemitic Remarks — Will She Return Them?

Maybe Ilhan Omar had a point — it is all about the money. After the freshman Congresswoman was called out by…

Due to the fact that our security agencies work with the PA to thwart terrorist attacks, and because the Israel Defense Forces and Shin Bet are concerned about the possible collapse of PA leader Mahmoud Abbas’s security forces, our own agencies, incredibly, have balked at deducting the amount paid by the PA to terrorists from the taxes Israel collects on its behalf.

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Twitter Warns Jamie Glazov That His New Book Violates Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law


FrontPage editor and Glazov Gang host, Jamie Glazov, received an intriguing notice from Twitter on Saturday morning:

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Twitter Legal <twitter-legal@twitter.com>
Date: Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 7:27 AM
Subject: Twitter Receipt of Correspondence
To: @JamieGlazov <jamieglazov11@gmail.com>


We are writing to inform you that Twitter has received official correspondence regarding your Twitter account, @JamieGlazov.

The correspondence claims that the following content is in violation of Pakistan law: Section 37 of PECA-2016, Section 295 B and Section 295 C of the Pakistan penal code

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Israel-hating Islamists Fundraise Off Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitism


Maybe Ilhan Omar had a point – it is all about the Benjamins baby.

As the freshman U.S. representative was called out by her own Democratic Party leadership for anti-Semitic tweets implying Jewish money controls the Congress she now sits in, ideological allies took to social media encouraging people to donate to Omar’s 2020 campaign.

They linked to a fundraising page hosted by Act Blue, a self described “nonprofit, building fundraising technology for the left.”

Zahra Billoo, director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) San Francisco chapter, said she made a donation to Omar’s re-election campaign Monday and urged followers to do the same. “Tweets to support her are important,” Billoo wrote, “but let’s also ensure she can keep on doing the important work she’s doing.”

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French Jewish Leaders Decry ‘Wall of Indifference’ Surrounding Antisemitism, as Recorded Attacks Leap by 74%


The representative body of Jews in France called on Tuesday for French society to “break the wall of indifference that surrounds antisemitism,” as figures published by the country’s Interior Ministry showed a colossal increase of 74 percent in the number of attacks on Jews in 2018.

The increase reflected the “disturbing liberation” in France from the taboo around antisemitic hatred established after World War II, Francis Kalifat — president of the French Jewish communal organization CRIF — said in a statement.

Kalifat emphasized that incidents recorded only in the last few days “testify to the banalizing and violence of antisemitism in France in 2019.”

Among the outrages he cited was the defacing with swastikas on Sunday of a mural of the late Simone Veil — a Holocaust survivor and pioneer of women’s rights in France who was interred last July in the famous Pantheon in Paris that commemorates French citizens of distinction.

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