Political Islam and Sharia Should Be Outlawed in Europe

The following are excerpts of a speech delivered by Mirek Topolánek, former prime minister of the Czech Republic and former president of the European Council, at the Legal Salon in Prague on November 2, 2017.

Equality, in the legal sense, is based on the principle of freedom and the right of every person to dignity and equal treatment before the law [such that] the law… does not [make a distinction]… between people [based on] their economic or social status, age, ethnicity, [etc.]

The principle of equality is enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, a declaration that is part of the constitutional order of the Czech Republic…

The philosophical roots of the idea of human rights based on equality can be found not only, but especially, in European culture — from the Code of Hammurabi, through the Cyrus Cylinder, the Magna Carta Libertatum, the US Declaration of Independence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The current concept and understanding of human rights as inalienable, definite and universal is a matter of the past four centuries, [culminating in] the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which includes equality as one of the basic human rights sets…

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Leaked “Deal of the Century” Isn’t

Beyond the Cusp

The trial balloons have been slowly leaked to the people who matter on exactly what will be in the “Deal of the Century” President Donald Trump has been claiming he will finally bring peace between the Arabs and Israel, the Jews. These balloons are only partially inflated as the Trump Administration is playing their cards close to the vest. They are mostly floating the most contentious pieces to watch and see how everyone reacts. Fortunately for Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu and all the other important party leaders in the coalition and in the opposition will not need to say a word; they just have to allow Abbas and company to talk. The problem is that everybody in the opposition will jump onboard with the plan claiming that it is just about everything they have said was required for there finally to be peace with the Arab Palestinians and some may…

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Sharia for New Year’s

Last September, a man named Mark Feigin posted five comments on the Facebook page of an Islamic center. They were not Islam-friendly. “THE MORE MUSLIMS WE ALLOW INTO AMERICA,” he wrote, “THE MORE TERROR WE WILL SEE.” He called Islam “dangerous” and said it has “no place in western civilization.” A couple of his comments included vulgar or profane language. On December 20, the State of California sued Feigin, charging him with violation of a penal code that reads, in part:

“Every person who, with intent to annoy or harass, makes repeated telephone calls or makes repeated contact by means of an electronic communication device… to another person is… guilty of a misdemeanor.”

According to the state Attorney General’s office, Feigin was guilty of a crime because he had engaged in “repeated harassment” of people whose religion he sought to “mock and disparage.”

Eugene Volokh, the UCLA law professor whose “Volokh Conspiracy” blog is a popular site of legal debate and discussion, wrote about Feigin’s case on December 29, noting that by the Attorney General’s logic, the state would be able to sue citizens who had written equally critical comments on, for example, an NRA or pro-Trump website. “This can’t possibly be consistent with the First Amendment,” Volokh said.

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How the IDF Is Training for War in Gaza

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Military drills simulate what the Israel Defense Forces will face in a new kind of ground combat in Gaza – a kind that will inevitably involve civilians amid general chaos.

After Hamas came to power in the Gaza Strip more than a decade ago, it built, trained, and armed a terrorist army and guerilla force. It deliberately situated these forces in the midst of the civilian population, planting it in high-rise buildings, underground bunkers, and tunnels.

Israel and Hamas have engaged in three large-scale conflicts and numerous smaller-scale flare-ups over the past ten years. As the IDF looks to the future, it is preparing new ways to operate in this urban jungle should the need arise once again.

The IDF recently held a war exercise for its infantry commanders to prepare them for the challenges of combat in Gaza. The drill, held by the Givati infantry brigade, played out over a number of areas, including the southern city of Ashkelon, where officers simulated fighting in and around tall residential towers.

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International Human Rights Lawyer Calls On The US To Cut All Funding And Withdraw From U.N “Human Rights”

The US must Cut all funding and Announce Withdrawal From U.N.’s “Human Rights” Council.
The incredible Anne Bayefsky speaking about the UN when it comes to their treatment of Israel!
Please view and share this powerful speech.
Is anyone in the UN listening?
Every Western country must stand with Israel against radical Islamic terrorism.
The Israeli people face the frighteningening escalation of Islamic terror acts through Israel.
The world is silent when Palestinians influct pain and death upon Israel but screams when Israel protects itself.

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Behind the Latest Protests in Iran


For more than a week now, Iran has been in something of turmoil with crowds of various sizes holding protests in more than 30 cities, including the capital Tehran. Thanks to scenes not seen in Iran since 2009 when the regime managed to put down a popular uprising in Tehran, many questions have been raised about what is euphemistically referred to as “the events”.

The first question is: Who are the protesters?

As always, the regime’s analysis is that the protests are the result of conspiracies by the United States which, with the departure of President Barack Obama, who sought accommodation with the present leadership in Tehran, is now committed to regime change under President Donald Trump.

The regime’s analysis is too childish to merit detailed rebuttal. Suffice it to say that while the Trump administration might like regime change in Iran it has, so far at least, done absolutely nothing to move in that direction. In any case, if regime change were as easy as merely desiring it, the US would have achieved changes of regime in Cuba and North Korea long ago.

The US and, in different contexts, other major powers, can help prolong the life of a regime by bestowing on it the legitimacy it does not deserve and providing it with the economic and political sustenance it needs to survive.

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Is Japan Considering Joining the Nuclear Arms Race?

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In 2017, Pyongyang’s nuclear threat turned real, and the countries of East Asia – mainly Japan – and the US could be targets. Japan now faces a dilemma over how to deal with the threat: should it count on the US nuclear umbrella, or should it build up an independent military nuclear capability of its own? Japan’s civilian nuclear infrastructure could serve as a springboard for developing nuclear weapons within a year, but the Japanese public – which remembers Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as the devastating accident at the Fukushima reactor – is unenthusiastic about further nuclear development in either its civilian or military aspects.

Henry Kissinger, the legendary American statesman who served as National Security Adviser and Secretary of State during the Ford and Nixon administrations of the last century, warned on January 25, 2018, in testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee: “[I]f North Korea still possesses a military nuclear capability in some finite time, the impact on the proliferation of nuclear weapons might be fundamental.” He meant that countries in East Asia, particularly Japan and South Korea, might join the nuclear arms race. This, as he said in an October 2017 interview with The New York Times, would be against the backdrop of North Korea’s intercontinental missile and nuclear tests.

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