I Worry for Israel and Her Future

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Is my fear produced because of the terrorist threats? Not at all, though that is troubling, it is not a threat that could erase Israel. Is it that Iran may have nuclear weapons in the not too distant future and have claimed they will wipe Israel from the map? No, not that either. Against Iran I have faith that Israeli intelligence will know before the Iranians launch such an attack and then it will be addressed. Should they manage to launch some missiles, the Israeli multi-layered missile interception systems will take care of those attacks and the new additions that are in development are of a nature that no missile will penetrate the Israeli shields. Is it the number of Arab nations who might combine forces again as in 1948? Again, that is not something to fear; as there are very few leaders around whom these nations would congeal and…

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Trump Sunni Middle East Plans to Crash and Burn

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President Trump has planned this wonderful little arrangement for how to counter and defeat the Iranian menace hegemonic ambitions whose launch was assisted by President Obama and currently is assisting miring Russia in Syria. A quick aside, this Trump plan has very little if anything further to do with Russia, sorry kids. Trump’s master plan would be wonderful from a tactical viewpoint as it would add the Saudi Arabian money and weapons systems sold to them by the United States with the manpower of the Egyptian military and have them directed and assisted by the Israeli technical, intelligence, coordination and military superiority in an allied effort to oppose Iran. The Iran side is augmented by North Korean nuclear and missile technology, Chinese military plans and technical assistance, Iraqi military, Houthis and Alawite civil wars for expanding their spheres of influence, Hezballah terror infrastructure which spans the globe, and a recent…

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Must We Tolerate the Intolerable?

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We do not pretend to understand the reasons for why the Europeans continuously refuse to take anything Israel advises seriously. They also discount all Israeli experiences and history as being simply something Israeli which has absolutely no relevance to anything European. Thusly, the seeming resolute European leadership insisting attack after attack that their populations just accept that there will be terror attacks and they should simply just get accustom to these minor inconveniences. Get accustom to these minor inconveniences? People are being murdered which is something no one should have to or be expected to just get used to living with. There is now at least one terror attack somewhere in Europe every week and approaching each day. The European leadership continually assures their publics that there is no war between their nations and radical Islamic extremists. Perhaps each nation may not be but it does appear that radical Islamic…

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What Price Multiculturalism?

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The prefacing theory which underlies all of multiculturalism is that all cultures are equally valid. Well, if by this you mean that all cultures hold the same position in their societal definition and that they form the structure and define the acceptable limits for a society, then that is a true statement. This is the definition you will receive if you are ever bold enough to try and claim that all cultures are not equal. If you have the audacity to contend that modern western culture, which includes the separation of church and state, the priority of scientific proof and a dependence on democratic governance for the governance of the people, and this is just scratching the surface but some of the mainstays, is superior to almost all other cultures currently practiced on our planet Earth, you will find yourself on the receiving end of the leftist multiculturalism truth police…

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Can There Ever Be Trust Again?

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Despite what is being written and stated by much of the media in the United States, Germany and across the remainder of Europe by the media, there must be some relieved leaders and military commanders in much of Europe and in the Sunni states of MENA and, of course, Israel to have the United States reaching out to many of her more traditional allies. The United States had its nervous breakdown, where anybody that was perceived by the administration under President Obama of being or supporting European colonialization or could be guilty of privilege were considered as an enemy who had to be belittled and brought low, and the winner of the lottery of life ended up being an ally who despised the same nations as President Obama’s White House, which was Iran. This became an obsession and was to become the pinnacle of President Obama’s foreign policy to equal…

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The Christian Situation

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There are a number of different peoples who have problems in the Islamic Middle East and North Africa (MENA). One of the most covered is Israel where over half the world’s Jews reside and are in mortal danger in one way or another every single day, especially with the missiles and weapons of mass destruction held by Iran. Another group which has gotten its fair share is the Kurds who despite being largely Muslim are not accepted well by their Arab coreligionists. But there is one group that unless there has been some heinous act of barbarity or one particular group is facing a special situation, they are mostly ignored. These groups are the many different types of Christians. We spend much of our time here at BTC on Israel and the United States as that is where much of the news coverage emanates from and where we do or…

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The Times They Are a-Changin

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The times, they are changing and in opposing directions and the two most dynamic forces behind these changes are both dealing with Islam but are from opposite directions, one pushing and the other pulling and the fate of the world depends on which one comes out on top and wins the coming argument. The pushing force is the one pressing Islam into new regions trying to press the borders of Islam throughout the world using the old forms of Islam which powered it coming out of the Arabian Peninsula, the spread of Islam through Jihad using the sword. The other force is trying to pull on Islam and bring it back to its initial writings where coexistence and freedom of religion and other freedoms recognized initially by Judaism in Torah and the driving concept of the Christian Bible though for over a millennium this was misrepresented by rulers in order…

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