State Department and Their Moment of Clarity

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The United States Department of State released annual Report to Congress on International Religious Freedom – the International Religious Freedom Report – describing the status of religious freedom in every country. This year the report had a remarkable citation which had previously been explained away by blaming the victim and excusing the oppressive doctrinarian persecutor which practiced religious and societal supremacy despite their societal dysfunctionality. The hiccup, if you’ll admit the slang, was a report that the Palestinian Authority (PA) was indeed committing anti-Semitism and broadcasting it on their television and radio broadcasts. There were also criticisms of Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and Indonesia Wednesday for having laws that infringe upon religious freedom citing blasphemy, apostasy and anti-conversion laws. The report succinctly stated, “Such laws conflict with and undermine universally recognized human rights,” referring directly at one state’s actions the report went on to state, “Saudi Arabia penalizes blasphemy…

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The Environmental Extremist Perfect World

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Between recent events in state and local governments, the political dreams of some select Presidential candidates including one of the main candidates, Congressional and Senatorial campaigns and the abundant environmental NGO’s demands of candidates and governance, it is easy to extrapolate and draw an accurate picture. We have watched as coal mines and coal fired electric generating plants have been forced by government into closing their production, their generation of electricity or to an expensive changeover to natural gas and the current drive against the remaining coal plants and numerous oil powered plants to shut down or change to natural gas. Where the success has been most prolific there is a new drive, to close natural gas powered plants. Then there has been the court and legislative drives to criminalize fracking and close down any drilling or other harvesting of carbon fuels within zones such as schools, daycares, public malls…

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The Unforgivable Sin of Israel

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If one were to ask the average college student from any of the west’s liberal bastions of tolerance through indoctrination where political correctness trumps truth and social justice is an empty phrase which can be filled with whatever definitions fit the blowing winds of that political correctness which censors everything to name the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the name Israel the answers you would get would have little or no relevance to Israeli reality. You would hear hateful yet there is no kinder or more generous and giving place in the world. You would hear racist yet Israel took in the Jews of Ethiopia when they faced a threat of genocide, took in Vietnamese boat people when much of the world was prepared to let them drown or starve. Israel flies half way around the world to set up fully functioning field hospitals at the location…

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American Election, Self-Absorbed, Ignoring World Crises

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Spend time reading the distressing news coverage of the upcoming American elections and the subjects vary from the superfluous to the mundane all the while ignoring anything more serious than illegal immigrations from Mexico or the American economy. Most of the coverage zeroes in on misspeaks and gaffs while attempting to gloss over Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and ignoring all things concerning foreign policy, especially her time as Secretary of State, Benghazi and the loss of four American lives including an Ambassador, the Clinton Foundation contributions for favors potential scandal and any other foreign policy problems facing the United States, Europe or the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This is nothing new as American elections are almost always about the economy, jobs and the manufactured crisis which usually activates in October and has been even given a name, the October surprise. Not all elections require the emergency October surprise which…

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The Joys of Aging.

So very sorry to hear about your continuing bad health, dear. Do you have a record of all your previous blogs? Surely WP can advise you how all your material can be kept intact – I have always their ‘help’ department to be, well, very helpful. Have you contacted them for free suggestions?


It seems like forever since I posted. I’ve been going through some physical changes. I haven’t heard from the editor I met in early June. It’s close to a month. I don’t know how long I should wait.

Three weeks ago I had an infusion to build my bone density. I was in pain and had high fevers for two weeks. My leg has been swelling, I was in the hospital back in March. I didn’t realize they were treating my leg for cellulitis. That’s an infection under the skin. Two weeks ago I stopped taking another dose of antibiotics, my leg is still infected so I’m on another dose of antibiotics. I’ve been in a daze, no appetite, sleeping most of the day. I’m not giving up but I am tired. I’m letting my body rest, I think that’s what I need.

Last July I brought a premium WordPress…

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A Rant from One Joyous Jew in Israel

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Back in my youth I would get rolling eyes, good and hearty laughs, challenges to my sincerity and general disbelief when I told my Jewish and other friends that one day I would retire in Israel. Well, not only did I make good on my words, I found an affordable place five blocks from the Mediterranean Sea in Nahariya in northwestern Israel and the western end of the Galilee. One of my friends from before grade school through high school visited my parents and asked as to my whereabouts as most of my high school graduating class scattered to all corners of every state in the nation almost all losing touch except for rare crossings in our travels. When my parents informed him that I had moved to Israel, their quote of his reaction was interesting. They told me he laughed while getting out the words of disbelief stating, “My…

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En Bal D’amour – Nantes – Part 1

My Life as an Artist (2)

‘The world of reality has its limits;  the world of imagination is boundless’.   Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

20160529-En bal d'amour (313)After my visit to Port-En-Bessin – I took the train to Nantes, a city in western France located on the Loire River.

This was my first visit to the City, and I was most impressed.    With it’s wide boulevards large squares filled with outdoor cafes, multiple green spaces and superb public transportation system, it’s a city where I felt that I could breath.


Once a major commercial harbour, today the harbour is filled with creativity, restaurants, and this now well known forty ft tall mechanical mammoth which resides along with other remarkable sculptural ‘puppets’ built in the city.     elephantnantes

I hope to return to Nantes, for the sole purpose of exploring…however this post is about the very special experience I enjoyed when observing and sketching the cast of En Bal D’amour

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