American Liberal Jews, Israel, Funding, Freedom and Self-Respect

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American Jews just supported Hillary Clinton in impressive style garnering her an impressive over three-to-one count, just a little shy of their support for Barack Obama averaging his two runs. Their claim that they supported President Obama despite his stance on Israel, especially after his first term betrayals of the Jewish State at every opportunity, because he actually was doing Israel a favor by cutting ties. They promised after the Iran deal not to be taken again and here we are back at square one with one blessing, they lost the election. We need to take a closer look at some of the American Jewish leftist groups and reveal truths about them. Some come right out and claim they want to destroy Israel as the Jewish State in order to save Israel as a democracy. J-Street is one such group and apparently are unable to figure out that if they…

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Morning Briefing – The Telegraph

Good morning.

By-elections are ideal moments for voters to make their feelings known about the issues of the day, so Brexit is practically unavoidable. Few places are more Remain-friendly than Richmond Park, so it’s little surprise that residents took the chance to ditch Brexiteer Zac Goldsmith. The mood is palpably different in Sleaford and North Hykeham, where around 60% voted Leave. The Conservatives comfortably held onto it last night, winning around 13,000 more than Ukip, who came in second. This will reassure Theresa May, given that the contest was triggered by Stephen Phillips over “irreconcilable policy differences” with the Government on issues including the handling of Brexit. Voters had a chance to register their annoyance with how she was managing it, but stuck with her party. However, Ukip’s popularity will only grow if voters feel like she is dragging her feet. The Liberal Democrats wouldn’t have expected to take a seat like this, but they did push Labour – which had come second at 2015 general election – into fourth place. Remain-inclined voters have worked out who to back in these contests

Now the by-elections are out of the way, Mrs May’s attention will turn to the Supreme Court and, ultimately, Europe. The Government’s lawyer urged the 11 justices at the end of a four-day hearing to take account of Wednesday’s Commons vote backing the triggering of Article 50 by the end of March when it rules on whether the Prime Minister has to win Parliament’s backing to invoke it. James Eadie QC told them that the motion was “highly significant…because Parliament has given specific approval… to give that notice”. The Supreme Court will decide if it agrees in the new year.

 In the meantime the European Central bank is trying to put the eurozone back on its feet. Mario Draghi’s bond tapering means – as Ambrose Evans-Pritchard puts it – that “the comfort blank is being pulled away – gently- for the first time” since the region crashed into a debt crisis. The European single currency is not out of the woods yet, as David Cameron told an audience in the United States last night that he did wonder “how long it can last” and saw “more trouble ahead”.

As central bankers work on the eurozone, Europe’s politicians are getting to grips with Brexit. “They complain that Theresa May never tells them more about her strategy than she has said in public,” Fraser Nelson writes in today’s paper. “But what more is there to tell?” He summarises her strategy as follows: “No free movement of people, which probably means no more single market. And no to the European Court of Justice and its various diktats. She’ll then try to keep as much tariff-free trade with Europe as she can wrangle from the negotiations”. Mrs May will be pleased then that Germany seems to be coming around, as vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said the EU should “do everything” to keep Britain “as close to Europe as possible”.

But Mrs May will still need to sell her Brexit deal to the public to avoid Ukip being able to spin it as “backsliding”. Her increasingly strained relationship with Boris Johnson won’t help in this, as his allies have condemned her “ridiculous attempt to belittle a member of the Cabinet” after her spokesman publicly slapped him down for his recent remarks about Saudi Arabia. Downing Street will have to be careful, as that they will need him – the most senior Leave campaigner in Government – to bang the drum for her Brexit negotiations later on.999999

Lamenting the Palestinian Lack of Statehood

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Two world leaders have come out recently lamenting their failure to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Their words, or the way my ears heard and eyes read their statements made me feel they were more lamenting the lack of a Palestinian State and the fact they were unable to diminish Israel greatly, if not completely, in the making of such a state. Of course the two were President Obama and Secretary General Ban ki-Moon. As we have beaten President Obama’s anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic feelings to such an extent as to make a bronze statue to the man, let us instead play with the soon to be ex-Secretary General’s statements and the lack of validity or value in them. Actually one almost has to feel for the man, who had ruled through a decade of opening auditory lamentations against Israel at opening ceremonies for the General Assembly, ten years of “International…

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The Unmaking of America

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America was founded upon great principles which relied upon a well-educated and involved electorate founded in morality and steeped in Judeo-Christian ethic. The moral underpinnings of America have been eroded slowly but inexorable since the end of World War II and the beginning of the rule of the cities which many were destined to become megalopolises. Just like the original cities of iniquity, Sodom and Gomorrah, deprivations began to grow within the cesspools of the new civilization. The pews grew emptier and emptier until the churches became too expensive to support by the paltry remains of congregants. They became schools, restaurants, malls and some even became Mosques as the new religion which was growing was Islam. This was the story and history written across Europe and gaining a beachhead in America. The hope and presumed saving grace which was to protect America was her well-crafted Constitution. Presumable the balance of…

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The Unmovable Impediment to Arab-Israeli Peace

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President elect Donald Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, can produce all the honorable and valued credentials they desire to show that they bring something to the floor different than all others and thus may be the people necessary to bring about Arab-Israeli reconciliations. Everything we have read thus far has lauded their deal making abilities but has yet to make mention of whether or not they have perceived the elephant in the room. There was this little declaration made by the Arab League after their stunning defeat in the Six Day War known as the Khartoum Resolution which contained within it the “three no’s”; no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, and no negotiations with Israel. This has been the position of the Palestinian Authority from its very beginning as the PLO, the terror organization founded in 1967, three years before there were any Israeli settlements beyond the…

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Leadership and More Media Lies

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There was a period in European and World history when Kings led their forces into battle. One such ruler became a legend in his time and on the silver screen, such was El Cid, actually named Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Prince of Valencia. In legends and screen play and perhaps reality El Cid led his troops nobly even into death. In battle after battle with the invading and conquering Moors he charged at the enemy taking arrows and other blows which would have felled a mere mortal, yet again he would ride to lead the charge day after day. Well, eventually the Moors figure if they would simply once and for all murder El Cid the day would be won. Such was his stature and the fable of his immortality. That day in battle he took sufficient arrow strike to resemble a pin cushion upon a bleeding steed, yet he…

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The World is What We Make It!

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Our world is at a threshold and a divergence and at this time nobody appears to be driving. Islam desires to tame the developed world and slam it forward to the seventh century which will result in starvation for the majority of the world. Meanwhile the developed world is humming along ignoring every warning sign concentrating on more glitter, better slogans, merchandising, and every distraction they can find to avoid addressing anything real. The world now has a good idea of what the future holds if the United States withdraws within the hard shell of her borders and decides isolationism is preferable to dealing with the problems in Europe and especially in the quicksand of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). President Obama claimed the world was messed up because of the meddling of the United States. He saw the United States as the source of the problems as…

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