How to find a wonderful idea

Where does OK Go come up with ideas like dancing in zero gravity, performing in ultra slow motion or constructing a warehouse-sized Rube Goldberg machine for their music videos? In between live performances of “This Too Shall Pass” and “The One Moment,” lead singer and guitarist Damian Kulash takes us inside the band’s creative process, showing us how to look for wonder and surprise.

A Little Jewish Soul

Tonight’s open music thread is in tribute to Israel, where I have been for the past week. Despite being surrounded by her enemies, ongoing terror attacks, and relentless threats from her numerous stunted enemies (from Fatah, Hamas, Hzb’allah, Iran, etc.), this country is a ….. joy. Everywhere I go, art, music, history dot the landscape.

Nightclubs spring to life every night, and everyone dances, dances, dances. The love of life — music, literature, poetry, education, and the arts is everywhere.

The country is a miracle.