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Balancing Act

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When I started drawing the Dry Bones cartoons, way back in January of 1973, the accepted wisdom was that the future for a democratic Middle East was tied to the fortunes of Christian Lebanon, the secular government of Muslim Turkey, and the Jewish State of Israel.

We assumed that the three would eventually transform the entire area.

The accepted wisdom was wrong.

* * *The accepted wisdom now would be that the United States and the Western democracies would spring to support Israel, their last hope for a real democracy in the Middle East.

Once again, the accepted wisdom is wrong.



999999According to Israel National News:

Foreign Min. blasts ‘offensive’ UNESCO Temple Mount resolution
Foreign Ministry Director General ridicules UNESCO resolution nixing Jewish connection to Temple Mount, describing it as ‘Muslim holy site’
Dore Gold, Director General of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, blasted a draft resolution being considered by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization committee (UNESCO) recognizing the Old City of Jerusalem’s unique place in history – as a “Muslim site”.

In a letter publicized on Monday, a day ahead of the UNESCO vote on the Jerusalem resolution, Gold ridiculed the document as “a completely one-sided draft” that “deliberately ignores the historical connection between the Jewish people and their ancient capital”.