Israel is Burning!

999999According to the Telegraph:

“Israel’s government has accused arsonists of sparking half of a wave of wildfires that has paralysed parts of the country and forced 60,000 people to evacuate from their homes. The flames began on Tuesday but have grown more powerful because of dry weather and strong winds and by Thursday fires were raging inside the port city of Haifa. No one has been killed by the fires but several dozen people were taken to hospital and eight neighbourhoods were evacuated inside Haifa, a city of 270,000 people.

Gilad Erdan, the public security minister, said half of the roughly 200 fires has been “deliberately set”. Police said they were investigating several potential arson sites but that their main focus was on putting out the fires and carrying out evacuations. Within the febrile context of the Middle East, the fires quickly became politicised.The hashtag “Israel is burning” began to trend in several neighbouring Arab countries like Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon.”


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As you know, our Dry Bones cartoons fight against antisemitism and BDS. We distribute these Dry Bones cartoons through many channels, at no charge to our readers, but our operation costs us an annual $100,000. So how can we find this annual $100,000? We then thought of “the 36”. The Lamed Vavnikim. Let me explain. Medieval Jewish mystics wrestled with a baffling question; “Given the wickedness of humanity and the cruelty of the world, why doesn’t an angry Creator simply destroy his creation?” Pouring over both Biblical and “hidden” texts they deduced that in every generation there are 36 people, hidden from view, whose righteousness prevents the divine destruction of our world. In the Hebrew numerological system, the two Hebrew letters Lamed and Vav, written as a word, represents the number 36. And so the hidden righteous “thirty-sixers” who save the world are called the Lamed Vavnikim.

So how will we raise our annual budget of $100,000?
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999999The fate of Middle Eastern Jewish communities is usually ignored by historians. Jewish victims of Arab attacks are typically ignored by the world. But the city of Aleppo (now being bombed into rubble) was once an ancient and important center of Jewish life. :

“At the time of the United Nations vote on November 29, 1947, the Jewish community in Aleppo numbered around 10,000 and went back around two thousand years.

After the vote in favor of the partition of Palestine, the Syrian Government abetted and organized Aleppo’s Arab inhabitants to attack the city’s Jewish population. The exact number of those killed remains unknown, but estimates of those killed are put at around 75, with several hundred Jews wounded. Ten synagogues, five schools, an orphanage and a youth club, along with various Jewish shops and 150 houses were set ablaze and destroyed. Damaged property was estimated to be valued at US$2.5m. During the pogrom the Aleppo Codex, an important medieval manuscript of the Torah was lost and feared destroyed. The book reappeared (with pages missing) in Israel in 1958.

Following the attack, the Jewish community went into a steep decline. The wealthy Jews escaped the day after the progrom and many more fled in small groups in subsequent months. Their property was forfeited and on December 22 the Syrian Government enacted a law forbidding Jews from selling their property. Within years after the pogroms, most Jews left Aleppo, a large majority of them to Israel. By 1959, about 2,000 Jews remained in Aleppo.

As of 2012, no Jews lived in Aleppo.”


Dry Bones- Israel’s Political Comic Strip Since 1973