A New Slant on Baseball

Sam and Dean were best of friends as well as two of the biggest baseball fans the world has ever seen.

All of their lives, Sam and Dean would talk about baseball. They went to all the games they could get to. They even made a pact, as kids, that when one of them dies – the other will return to tell him if heaven has baseball games.

baseball friends joke

One night, after watching a Yankee victory, Sam happily dies. A few night later, his buddy Dean wakes up to a familiar sound – it’s Sam, and he’s talking to him from beyond.

“Sam, is that you?” Asks Dean.

“Sure is, buddy!” replies Sam.

“Wow this is amazing!” exclaims Dean. “So, please tell me, is there baseball in heaven?”

“Well,” answers Sam. “I have some good news and bad news for you. Which would you like to hear first?”

“Give me the good news first.” 

“Ok, well the good news is that the answer is yes, there is baseball in heaven.”

“That’s incredible! So what’s the bad news, then?”

“You’re pitching tomorrow night.”

Dry Bones Fights Back

The above cartoon is taken from my brand-new Dry Bones book. I drew it 23 years ago.

I came to Israel in 1971. In 1973 I began drawing Dry Bones. I’ve loved living here and poking fun at Israel and my fellow Israelis. But the constant attacks on our little country by bitter antisemites, the UN, Holocaust deniers, BDS idiots, and self-hating Jews has been relentless. And so I’ve been fighting back all these years.

I’ve just published a collection of the best of my “fighting back” cartoons. This 148-page collection is called Dry Bones Cartoons Fight Back.

I chose cartoons that are meaningful today, but in each, alongside my signature, is the year in which it was drawn. None are Politically Correct. Most are angry. But if you are a Zionist Jew or a Righteous Gentile, they will bring you comfort.

Be strong, We shall overcome. The book is on sale at Amazon http://amazon.com/author/kirschen In addition to the book there’s a Kindle copy (and a bookshelf of other Dry Bones books). And if you buy a copy PLEASE leave a review. It would be really helpful.

Whatever cuts it

My grocer friend told me he had caught his assistant having sex with his bacon slicer in the front of the shop.

I asked him how he’d dealt with this.

He told me he had fired the man straight away.

I asked him. “how did you treat the bacon slicer.”

He told me: “I fired her too!”