For you to figure out – in 20 seconds!

99998The answer to the problem is provided at the bottom, but before you give up, here are some clues:

This problem is not mathematical, but rather philosophical.

It proves that, in spite of what the modern “progressive” philosophers tell us, not all viewpoints are equally valid; in most cases, there is only one point of view that leads to the right answer.

This test problem is, in fact, an optical illusion; it misleads us into judging the reality from the wrong perspective.

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How Good is Your Visual Memory? Find Out!

How Good is Your Visual Memory? This fun little memory game doesnt only help you see how good or bad your visual memory is, it actually helps train it to be better at it. The more you play, the better you’ll become!

Instructions: Click play to begin. The goal of the game is to always click on the LAST white circle added. Very easy at first, but gets difficult very fast!


Test Your Memory: How Old Is Your Brain?

A lot of us feel like weve become more forgetful with age. And while it may be true, it is also common to exaggerate our memory loss. Remember: The more you look for something wrong, the more attention you pay for it when it happens, and it may just be normal memory loss. Thats why these brain age games come in useful, because they let you measure the age of your brain. If it is below or at your real age, then there is no problem. And if its older, there are ways to get your brain back to practice and improve your memory read more below the test for that.


Do You Like Bowling? Let`s Play!

Let’s Play Some Bowling!

This fun bowling game wastes no time, just pick your shoes and play a fun version of the popular game.

Instructions: Click on PLAY, then pick your shoes. To throw the ball, click on the ball and hold the left mouse button down. Point the white arrow where you want it to go. An orange arrow will move around the ball and stop when you release the button. Once you release the button, the ball will be thrown at the direction you aimed at.


Put Charming Ol` Ireland Back together – Fun Puzzle

Put Together a Puzzle of Ireland!

Welcome to Jigidi puzzles – a collection of fun puzzles in various difficulty levels and themes. This puzzle has 117 pieces and is of Ireland.

Instructions: You cannot rotate the puzzle pieces, but use them as they are. On the upper right corner there are button for zooming in, out and full screen. Put all the pieces together to complete the puzzle. If you like to time yourselves, you can click on the \’pause\’ button to hold the time while you go do other things.


Challenge: Can You Solve These Word Puzzles?

This crossword game, however, is a bit different; quite a refreshing change. Let me tell you how it works.

Instructions: You have certain letters you can put in the crossword puzzle. You can click on any empty square, and the crossword will highlight all the other places where that same letter would be placed. Then, pick a letter and see if it fits. You must choose all the right letters so that the puzzle is complete! Don\’t be fooled by the first levels and how easy they are, this game becomes quite hard!


World’s hardest sudoku: can you crack it?

But those who find our number puzzles a bit of a doddle may wish to sharpen their pencils for the ultimate test: what is claimed to be the world’s hardest sudoku.

The Everest of numerical games was devised by Arto Inkala, a Finnish mathematician, and is specifically designed to be unsolvable to all but the sharpest minds.

On the difficulty scale by which most sudoku grids are graded, with one star signifying the simplist and five stars the hardest, this puzzle would score an eleven, he explained.

Sudoku is a familiar challenge to newspaper readers and puzzle enthusiasts, requiring each vertical line, horizontal line and nine-square box to contain every number from one to nine.

While that might sound simple, the particular difficulty in this version lies in the number of deductions you have to make in order to fill in a single number on the grid.

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