For you to figure out – in 20 seconds!

99998The answer to the problem is provided at the bottom, but before you give up, here are some clues:

This problem is not mathematical, but rather philosophical.

It proves that, in spite of what the modern “progressive” philosophers tell us, not all viewpoints are equally valid; in most cases, there is only one point of view that leads to the right answer.

This test problem is, in fact, an optical illusion; it misleads us into judging the reality from the wrong perspective.

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How Good is Your Visual Memory? Find Out!

How Good is Your Visual Memory? This fun little memory game doesnt only help you see how good or bad your visual memory is, it actually helps train it to be better at it. The more you play, the better you’ll become!

Instructions: Click play to begin. The goal of the game is to always click on the LAST white circle added. Very easy at first, but gets difficult very fast!