Ethnic Cleansing

The above cartoon shows a mother helping her kid with his homework. It is taken from my new book: Dry Bones Cartoons Fight Back.

I drew the cartoon back in 1994, 23 years ago.
The new book is a 148-page collection of the best of my “fighting back” cartoons.

I chose cartoons that are meaningful today, but in each, alongside my signature, is the year in which I drew it. None are Politically Correct. Most are angry. But if you are a Zionist Jew or a Righteous Gentile, every page will bring you comfort.

Be strong, We shall overcome. The book is on sale at Amazon In addition to the book there’s a Kindle copy (and a bookshelf of other Dry Bones books). And if you buy a copy PLEASE leave a review. It would be really helpful.