Tel Aviv Researchers Make Skin Cancer “Breakthrough”

Researchers have discovered how Melanoma spreads through the body, a “breakthrough” they hope will lead to cancer becoming nonthreatening and easily curable, according to a new Tel Aviv University study done in cooperation with the German Cancer Research (DKFZ).

Melanoma is an aggressive cancer that kills one person every 52 minutes, according to the international Skin Cancer Foundation.

The study, which looked at the spread of Melanoma, was published in a Nature Cell Biology article.

Scientists found that before spreading, Melanoma tumors send out small vesicles with molecules that trigger structural changes in the skin that prepare it for receiving cancer cells, and transporting them further. The scientists also found chemical substances that can stop the process, which raises hope that cancer-treating drugs could be developed.


ISIS Comes to Gaza

Hamas denies it up and down. Nonetheless, there are growing signs that the Islamist movement, which is based in the Gaza Strip, is continuing to cooperate with other jihadi terror groups that are affiliated with Islamic State (ISIS), especially those that have been operating in the Egyptian peninsula of Sinai in recent years.

This cooperation, according to Palestinian Authority security sources, is the main reason behind the ongoing tensions between the Egyptian authorities and Hamas. These tensions have prompted the Egyptians to keep the Rafah border crossing mostly closed since 2013, trapping tens of thousands of Palestinians inside the Gaza Strip.

In 2015, the Egyptians opened the Rafah terminal for a total of twenty-one days to allow humanitarian cases and those holding foreign nationalities to leave or enter the Gaza Strip.

This year so far, Rafah has been open for a total of twenty-eight days. Sources in the Gaza Strip say there are about 30,000 humanitarian cases that need to leave immediately. They include dozens of university students who haven’t been able to go back to their universities abroad and some 4,000 patients in need of urgent medical treatment.


Condoleezza Rice Confirms Hillary Clinton Lying About Colin Powell

Hillary Clinton has a real genius for taking a basic lie and somehow turning it into a major scandal by just making it worse for no good reason. Case in point, trying to blame Colin Powell for her email operation.

Not only did this drag in Colin Powell. It dragged in Condoleezza Rice. And it’s unclear why Hillary thought it would be a good idea to have two former black secretaries of state calling her a liar. Not that they are directly doing that. Instead they’re just not remembering the crazy lie that Hillary Clinton made up. Which is a polite way of saying, this never happened.


It Is the Duty of Muslims to Speak Out

It is sometimes important to talk about things that are tempting to be silent about. It is important to shed light on the intricacies, complexities, and nuances of the religion of Islam as well as the contemporary social, political and economic traditions linked to this faith and the uncontrolled rise of extremism.

I used to be a devout follower of Islam: one of the few who actually read the Qur’an word for word and tried to follow the rules in detail.

The penalty for renouncing Islam, it is also crucial to note, is death. It is legally administered in Islamic societies by governments, Islamic courts, and even individual Muslims who desire to fulfill their duty prescribed by Allah, the Qur’an and Muhammad.

These Islamic laws, of course, create fear about telling the true story.

A Muslim, you see, believes that the Qur’an contains the exact words of Allah. The Qur’an does not tell stories about God, as does the Bible; it is viewed as the very word of God, similar to the Ten Commandments. They therefore must be implemented without reservation, regardless of time and place.

According to some Islamic teachings, the reward for killing an unbeliever or apostate — someone who leaves Islam and renounces Allah and Muhammad — will receive the best place in heaven.