Hugh Fitzgerald: What Happens to Jews Who Live in a No-Go Area? (Part Two)

And now Stella and her family talk about moving to Israel, giving up their French lives, worrying about what France will be like for their children. The Muslims have won, they are indeed managing to terrorize these inoffensive people, and many others, too. “I have been made victorious through terror,” Muhammad claims in a famous Hadith. They are merely emulating him, the Perfect Man and Model of Conduct. Stella doesn’t want to leave. She has 23 years of seniority at her job; if she moves to Israel, all that seniority will be lost. Besides, France is their home. It is where all their relatives and friends live. It is where they grew up, were educated, started a family. They had many happy years living in Paris, without any troubles. One does not easily leave all that. But now many Muslims have arrived, and staked their territorial claim. This is now their neighborhood. No Jews should be expected to be safe, not here, not anymore. They find the Jewish families and target them: houses invaded, cars vandalized. They make sure the antisemitic nature of these attacks is clear; “JUIFS,” they scrawl, and “ISRAEL,” on the family car. They want the Jews to leave.

In France, Jews are now afraid to wear their yarmulkes in public, for fear of being attacked. “You can’t walk in Paris wearing a yarmulke. You’re taking your life in your hands,” says Steve Eisenberg, co-founder of the Jewish International Connection of New York. Cries of “Sale Juif” — “Dirty Jew” — can be heard in the Metro directed at anyone who “looks Jewish.” Ilan Halimi was kidnapped, tortured over several weeks, and finally murdered by a Muslim gang. Four Jews were killed in cold blood at a kosher grocery. A rabbi and three small children — two of them his, shot in front of him before he too was killed — were murdered outside a Jewish school in Toulouse. An 8-year-old boy was beaten to the ground outside his Jewish day school in Sarcelles, and a 15-year-old girl wearing a Jewish school uniform was slashed across the face by an unknown man. An 85-year-old Jewish woman was stabbed eleven times and set on fire by her Muslim neighbor’s son, who had known her all his life and been befriended by her. Another elderly Jewish woman, Sara Halimi, was beaten and thrown out a window to her death by a young Muslim neighbor yelling “Allahu akbar.”

via Hugh Fitzgerald: What Happens to Jews Who Live in a No-Go Area? (Part Two)

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