Shamima Begum, Who Joined the Islamic State, Has “No Regrets” But Wants to Come Home (Part 3)

Shamima Begum does not deserve to be allowed back into the U.K. under any conditions. If she were so allowed, by having agreed to a “deradicalisation” program, and then feigning a change of heart, which apparently would give her the right to be re-integrated into society, she would escape suitable punishment for her treasonous activities, in lending aid and comfort to ISIS. Had ISIS held onto its territory, she would, having “no regrets,” be living in ISIS territory still.

Instead of returning to the U.K., let her share the fate of other Islamic State women who have been captured, and are now in Syrian prisons. It’s not a pleasant ending. But why should her ending be pleasant? Why should it not be miserable?

There will be more Islamic State branches attempting in the future to seize territory. One, or a few, might temporarily succeed. And when they do, there will be other impressionable Muslims leaving Western Europe and North America to join them. Those that become disenchanted immediately, within a few weeks, might reasonably be allowed to return, right away, to face only Western justice, and a prison term of several years. But all those thinking of joining this camp of Muslim murderers, whatever name they give themselves, should be put on notice, with the example of Shamima Begum front and center, that once you choose to join the Islamic State, or any similar group, you will be stripped of your citizenship, and not be allowed to return to the country you betrayed, whatever “international law” has to say about statelessness.

via Shamima Begum, Who Joined the Islamic State, Has “No Regrets” But Wants to Come Home (Part 3)

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