Fight Back Early

A man who had spent his whole life at sea visited a friend. He’d never seen a train or the tracks they run on. 

While standing in the middle of the railroad tracks, he heard a whistle, but didn’t know what it was.

Predictably, he’s hit and is thrown, ass-over-kettle, to the side of the tracks, with some minor internal injuries, a few broken bones, and some bruises.

After weeks in the hospital recovering, he’s at his friend’s house attending a party.

While in the kitchen, he suddenly hears the kettle whistling. He grabs a baseball bat from the nearby closet and proceeds to batter and bash the kettle into an unrecognizable lump of metal.

His friend, hearing the ruckus, rushes into the kitchen, sees what has happened and asks the desert man, “Why’d you ruin my good kettle?”

The desert man replies, “Man, you gotta kill these things when they’re small.”

EU: Going Full Orwell


The EU has launched a comprehensive Action Plan against Disinformation. Its purpose, according to a recent press release from the European Commission, is apparently to “protect its democratic systems and public debates and in view of the 2019 European elections as well as a number of national and local elections that will be held in Member States by 2020”.

In June 2018, leaders of EU member states had met in the European Council and invited the European Commission “to present… an action plan by December 2018 with specific proposals for a coordinated EU response to the challenge of disinformation…” It is this action plan that the Commission presented to the public on December 5.

The Action Plan focuses on four areas:

Improved detection of disinformation (the European Commission dedicated 5 million euros toward this project and seemingly expects Member states to contribute on a national level, as well).

Coordinated Response — the EU institutions and Member States will set up a Rapid Alert System “to facilitate the sharing of data and assessments of disinformation campaigns”. The Rapid Alert System will be set up by March 2019 and “will be complemented by further strengthening relevant resources”.

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UK: Huge cost of monitoring returning Islamic State jihadis means that the “majority roam free in Britain”


A Times report warns “that only a small minority” of Islamic State jihadists are being monitored in Britain. This, despite “assurances from the police that those returning will be subjected to Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures.” The reason: because it’s just too expensive to keep track of them, so “the majority of returning jihadists ‘roam free.’” Another question: if the UK cannot prioritize its security because of high costs, then how is Britain (and other Western countries) affording the multitudes of migrants? The money is coming from somewhere: the taxpayer’s dwindling accounts.

This obvious fact about jihadist monitoring should have long ago awakened the British public to the need to hold the government accountable for the security of its citizens. The UK has seen horrific jihad attacks, and still most people are asleep. They have embraced the lie about “Islamophobia.”

This news about returning Islamic State jihadists should have been expected, particularly after the announcement last year that the British Home Office “lost track of more than 600,000 people who should have left the country” since 2016; and that’s only the UK. The German government admitted that it also lost track of “600,000 of its 1.1 million asylum seekers – and many could be using multiple identities to travel across Europe.” Among these are an unknown number of jihadists. They promised to infiltrate the refugee stream, and they did.

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U.S. Envoy Met with Syrian Rebel Leader Who Expressed Solidarity with Al-Qaida


President Trump’s Special Envoy to Syria Joel Rayburn reportedly met Monday in Istanbul with a delegation that included a high-ranking pro-Turkish Syrian rebel leader who endorsed al-Qaida-linked rebels.

A photo posted by the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Force, known by the Arabic acronym ETILAF, shows the group’s former president, Anas al-Abdeh, attending the meeting. Al-Abdeh is not named in the post, but he appears in the upper left corner of the photo.

“They are all in the same trench,” Al-Abdeh said in 2016 about the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the al-Qaida-linked Al Nusra Front. “We cannot differentiate between fighters …”

The State Department did not respond to a request for comment about al-Abdeh’s presence at the meeting.

This week’s Istanbul gathering focused on developments in Syria’s Idlib province, a statement on ETILAF’s website said. This meeting otherwise went unreported.

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Shamima Begum, Who Joined the Islamic State, Has “No Regrets” But Wants to Come Home (Part 3)


Shamima Begum does not deserve to be allowed back into the U.K. under any conditions. If she were so allowed, by having agreed to a “deradicalisation” program, and then feigning a change of heart, which apparently would give her the right to be re-integrated into society, she would escape suitable punishment for her treasonous activities, in lending aid and comfort to ISIS. Had ISIS held onto its territory, she would, having “no regrets,” be living in ISIS territory still.

Instead of returning to the U.K., let her share the fate of other Islamic State women who have been captured, and are now in Syrian prisons. It’s not a pleasant ending. But why should her ending be pleasant? Why should it not be miserable?

There will be more Islamic State branches attempting in the future to seize territory. One, or a few, might temporarily succeed. And when they do, there will be other impressionable Muslims leaving Western Europe and North America to join them. Those that become disenchanted immediately, within a few weeks, might reasonably be allowed to return, right away, to face only Western justice, and a prison term of several years. But all those thinking of joining this camp of Muslim murderers, whatever name they give themselves, should be put on notice, with the example of Shamima Begum front and center, that once you choose to join the Islamic State, or any similar group, you will be stripped of your citizenship, and not be allowed to return to the country you betrayed, whatever “international law” has to say about statelessness.

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Can Israel Defeat Hamas Without Toppling It?


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: So far, Israel’s objectives in armed conflicts with Hamas have been limited so as to avoid the need to reoccupy Gaza or to send it down the “Somalia model” path of chaos. But there might be a third option.

Despite its radical Islamist ideology and long-term commitment to Israel’s destruction, Hamas in the Gaza Strip is, for now, avoiding high intensity armed conflict.

Hamas’s leader, Yihye Sinwar, has expressed an awareness of the futility of a new war with Israel at this time. Instead, he is focused on other goals: ending the organization’s regional isolation, strengthening its iron grip on Gaza, and avoiding an economic meltdown in the Strip, which could endanger its regime.

Hamas is relying on low intensity pressure tactics, such as weekly border rioting, to promote these goals.

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