Hugh Fitzgerald: What Does the Pope Know About His “Friend and Dear Brother” El-Tayyeb? (Part Two)

Further, does the Pope agree with El-Tayyeb that Islam has shared 1,400 years of “peaceful coexistence with the Christians”? In no land that Muslims conquered has there been “peaceful coexistence” with Christians (or with any other subjugated non-Muslims), including Islamic Spain, which is so often held up as an inspiring example of “convivencia,” even though Christians, apparently unconvinced of how happy they were under Islamic rule, spent 770 years fighting for the Reconquista of their own land. Is the Pope afraid to say anything that might anger El-Tayyeb? If so, what kind of “friendship” do they have, when one side is terrified of angering the other?

Then there is what El-Tayyeb did in response to the transfer of the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in January 2018. He went into a rage, refused to meet the visiting Vice President Pence and, still more disturbing, he called the recognition [of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital] an “aggression toward people, countries, cultures and civilizations,” and claimed it would “feed terrorism in the region. Decisions like this one nurture terrorism, create it and propel it forward to act and express itself in methods we all reject. When terrorism rises again, the East and West will drown in seas of blood.” That sounds like a threat: Undo the Embassy Move, Or Suffer The Consequences. “Seas of blood.”

via Hugh Fitzgerald: What Does the Pope Know About His “Friend and Dear Brother” El-Tayyeb? (Part Two)

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