When Did Aggression Become the Catch-all Phrase?

Beyond the Cusp

What sent us over the edge, you might say it was an aggression, was an article titled, “Hamas Threatens Israel as IDF Prepares for new Clashes,” where Israel not automatically transferring Qatari aid money to the terror enclave was called an “aggression” by Hamas. Egypt also has not leaped forward and transferred the money, but that does not rise to the level of an aggression, as Hamas hates Egypt measurably less than they do Israel and the Jews in general. But we are not concerned about Hamas in this article as there will be plenty of time and reasons along the way, it is the over-application of the word “Aggression” to virtually any situation where somebody decides that they are displeased with a statement, position, action or virtually anything in their lives. Aggression no longer requires a physical act or even direct verbal abuse intended for the aggrieved…

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