UK government gave al-Qaeda top dog a million dollars of taxpayer funds to appeal his conviction


“Jailed Al-Qaeda chief who ‘had links to 7/7 London bombers’ gets £800,000 in legal aid to appeal his conviction,” by Joe Middleton, Mailonline, February 10, 2019:

A convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist has received nearly £800,000 in legal aid fees to appeal his conviction.

Rangzieb Ahmed, 43, was jailed for life at Manchester Crown Court in 2008 for directing terrorism.

The jury heard that he headed a three-man Al Qaeda cell which was preparing to commit mass murder.

Ahmed was jailed for life with a minimum term of ten years after the Manchester Crown Court after a jury found him guilty of being a member of Al Qaeda with his associate, Manchester taxi driver Habib Ahmed.

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What Did Ireland Do To You Lately?

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In my little corner of the world, perched snuggled in at the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, we have read that Ireland does not like all Israelis equally and shows disdain for those Jews who employ thousands of Arab Palestinians who could lose their jobs if what Ireland decided to support works. The prototypical example was SodaStream. SodaStream was an Israeli owned and run company with their main manufacturing plant beyond the Green Line. The BDS boycotters harried and hassled with noisy demonstrations, often inside the grocery store targeted, such that they joined the boycott of SodaStream. NGO’s had bought advertisements calling for the boycott of SodaStream. Well, SodaStream was a growing company and required a larger plant. They decided that they had been targeted enough and built their new plant within the Green Line selling off the land they had in the industrial park. This closing resulted in

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Hugh Fitzgerald: Pope Francis of Arabia


Pope Francis has said many false things about Islam. He has said that “there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism” and that ‘“authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Quran are opposed to every form of violence.” He has, in turn, been praised by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, Ahmed al-Tayeb, who thanked him for his “defense of Islam against the accusation of violence and terrorism.”

He has even obliquely justified the murders of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who had drawn Muhammad, saying that “it is true that you must not react violently, but although we are good friends if [an aide] says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch, it’s normal. You can’t make a toy out of the religions of others. These people provoke and then (something can happen).” So the murder of a dozen helpless cartoonists is compared to a punch. There is something out of whack in the Pope’s moral calculus.

The Pope seems to think that the more he defends Islam, the more likely it is that Muslims will reciprocate, will display more favorable attitudes toward Christianity. He doesn’t allow for the possibility that Muslims will gladly pocket his praise, but far from offering something meaningful in return, will continue relentlessly in their efforts to defend and spread Islam until it everywhere dominates.

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The Palestinian Jihad Against Peace


Palestinian leaders have recently stepped up their efforts to stop Arab countries from normalizing their relations — or even signing peace agreements — with Israel.

The campaign comes against a backdrop of reports about the warming of relations between Israel and some Arab countries, including a recent visit to Oman by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The specter of peace between the Arab countries and Israel has become a nightmare for Palestinian leaders. Instead of worrying about building a better future — which the Palestinians desperately need — Palestinian leaders are feverishly working to thwart any attempt to bring the Arab countries closer to Israel.

As part of the “anti-normalization” campaign, the Palestinian leaders in the West Bank are now putting pressure on the Arab countries to boycott a US-sponsored global summit to discuss the Middle East and Iran, which is scheduled for next month in Poland.

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Canada: Women surrender in Islamic State territory, presented as victims who should be brought home


“Two Canadian women who had been living in ISIS-held territory with their children have surrendered to U.S.-backed forces in Syria.” One of them, identified by CNN as Dura Ahmed, made herself out to be the victim, as is common practice of jihadists.

Jihadists and stealth Muslim Brotherhood operatives, have been clear about what their agenda is. It is well documented and easily found. So the blame for the threat to innocent people in the West lies largely with Western leaders and faux “experts” who have refused to believe repeated jihadist threats, or understand their zealous motives and modus operandi.

Alexandra Bain, director of Families Against Violent Extremism, projects these Canadian women who have surrendered in Islamic State territory as innocent victims. Bain has appointed herself to be psychiatrist and judge in declaring their innocence, and the media has granted her the forum to do so. “Bain described the woman as ‘uncertain’ and ‘afraid,’” and with no knowledge of the possible atrocities in which these women may have participated, Bain further states of one of the women who surrendered: “she had been trying for the past seven months to escape ISIS with her children … I guess she saw it as her final chance.”

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When Did Aggression Become the Catch-all Phrase?

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What sent us over the edge, you might say it was an aggression, was an article titled, “Hamas Threatens Israel as IDF Prepares for new Clashes,” where Israel not automatically transferring Qatari aid money to the terror enclave was called an “aggression” by Hamas. Egypt also has not leaped forward and transferred the money, but that does not rise to the level of an aggression, as Hamas hates Egypt measurably less than they do Israel and the Jews in general. But we are not concerned about Hamas in this article as there will be plenty of time and reasons along the way, it is the over-application of the word “Aggression” to virtually any situation where somebody decides that they are displeased with a statement, position, action or virtually anything in their lives. Aggression no longer requires a physical act or even direct verbal abuse intended for the aggrieved…

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