When Mahmoud Abbas is Gone

Beyond the Cusp

We are not going to go into depth over the facts that Mahmoud Abbas has refused to hold elections so he could remain in power while currently serving the twelfth year of his five-year term. We are not going belabor the point that Mahmoud Abbas is eighty-one years old and in less than perfect health. We are just going to assume that he has left the scene and, for all we care, decided to retire with his ill-gotten gains in Monte Carlo living in a modest mansion with his Force 17 still loyal and protecting him as he smokes fine cigars and enjoys a deserved retirement. We want to discuss the only option which makes any sense when one considers the lay of the land and the hard and biting facts which build the reality for this eventuality. So, what is really going to occur in the areas ruled by…

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Please send me, as a comment to this page, any old material you have for inclusion in The Daily Joke Alert - to help enable us all to have our fancy tickled regularly! Never mind the state it's in as I tidy everything up prior to publication. Don't let good material go to waste - and so much does. In the interests of the environment we should always try to re-cycle everything, especially jokes. You know that makes sense! You may find some historical stuff here, but this does not really matter as humor is fairly timeless.

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