No, Israel Was Not Created by the United Nations

Arab News has a typical anti-Israel screed by Chris Doyle, director of the London-based Council for Arab-British Understanding.

He writes, “Israel was a child of the UN, born out of a General Assembly resolution. Yet, as many children often are, it has remained distinctly ungrateful. ”

But the United Nations resolution that partitioned Palestine into a Jewish and Arab state is not what created Israel.

UN General Assembly resolutions have no legal weight unless all parties agree to them, in which case it is their agreement that gives the resolution legal status. When the Arab states rejected the resolution, the resolution lost any legal force that it may have potentially had.

The UN didn’t create modern Israel. Zionist Jews did, by building the institutions of a state while resisting the attempts of the Arab world to eradicate them.

Even Zionists argue that Israel was created by the UN.

But Israel wasn’t created by a piece of paper. It was created by the sweat and blood of Jews who dreamed and prayed for returning to Zion for thousands of years. They built the state, they declared the state, they defended the state — and the world accepted the state despite the opposition of the Arab world.

via No, Israel Was Not Created by the United Nations

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