Hugh Fitzgerald: Hamid Dabashi on All the Terrible Things Being Done to Muslims (Part Four)

Let’s move to the other side of the globe: The historic xenophobia of the racist white supremacists in the US, the chief supporter of the Israeli settler colony, resulted in two major and many more US-led invasions of Muslim states in which hundreds of thousands of Muslims were slaughtered. When Americans freely and openly elected Donald Trump, he unleashed the most hateful campaign of terror and intimidation against Muslims in the United States. His infamous Muslim ban, sustained by the US Supreme Court, is the legal manifestation of this abusive treatment of Muslims.

The “historic xenophobia,” the “racist white supremacists,” the “Israeli settler colony” — Dabashi’s cup runneth over with bile. If America suffers from xenophobia, hatred of foreigners, then why is it the nation of immigrants par excellence, of people welcomed from all over? This country of “racist white supremacists” in recent years elected, and then re-elected, a black American to be President. This country of “racist white supremacists” has been going out of its way to promote “diversity” and “inclusivity” until the cows come home — in universities and colleges, in housing, in the workplace. And Dabashi again tells us Israel is a “settler colony,” though a “colony” of what country he does not say. He also overlooks several thousand years of history that connect the Jewish people to that little sliver of land — Eretz Israel, the Land of Israel — that made them. For Dabashi, that history doesn’t exist. The Jews — for some unfathomable reason Dabashi dares not discuss, decided to “settle” in Palestine. Why “Palestine,” of all places? Then, he claims, they proceeded to manufacture a false history to connect them to that land. There’s been plenty of false history about Palestine, all right, but it hasn’t been coming from the Jews.

via Hugh Fitzgerald: Hamid Dabashi on All the Terrible Things Being Done to Muslims (Part Four)

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