Stopping Jeremy Corbyn

Uri Geller will ‘use all my telepathic powers’ to stop Jeremy Corbyn becoming PMUri Geller is not a fan of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. So much so that he is willing to use all of his ‘telepathic powers’ to stop him from ever becoming Prime Minister.

The 72-year-old Israeli illusionist and friend of the late Michael Jackson made this bold claim before an audience in Jerusalem, Israel. According to The Jewish Chronicle Geller said he believes Corbyn to be anti-Semitic. “I have no problem in saying he is an anti-Semite. God forbid if he takes control. God forbid he takes control,” Geller said.

Speaking on a panel organised by American rabbi, Shmuley Boteach alongside controversial comedian Roseanne Barr he went on to say he would make sure Corbyn would never become PM.

“With all my telepathic powers I am not going to let that happen,” he declared. More

Turkey: The Price of Dissent


A mufti who works for Turkey’s state religious authority, the Diyanet, recently insinuated that a massacre of the employees of the opposition news site OdaTV — along the lines of the 2015 slaughter of the staff of the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo — would be justified.

Ahmet Altıok, mufti of the Siirt Province, made this veiled threat of mass murder in an interview with the İLKHA news agency. ILKHA has ties to Turkey’s Hizbullah (“party of Allah” in Arabic; not connected to Hezbollah in Lebanon), a Sunni terrorist organization responsible for many horrific murders in the country.

In his interview, Altıok said, in part:

“Be it Charlie Hebdo or Ka’b ibn al-Ashraf [an ancient Jewish poet assassinated for criticizing Mohammed] … people who continually ridiculed, mocked and insulted Muslims… will be once again convicted in the society’s conscience. I call on these gentlemen to apologize. For you know repentance before death is accepted.”

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Israel’s Government Poised to Deduct ‘Terror Salaries’ from PA Tax Money


The Diplomatic-Security Cabinet is expected within two weeks to approve a major cut to the tax revenues that Israel collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, with the amount the P.A. pays to terrorists and their families to be deducted from the money Israel hands over to the P.A.

The reduction will be enacted under a law passed this past summer by Knesset members Elazar Stern (Yesh Atid) and Avi Dichter (Likud), which requires the Defense Ministry to provide the cabinet with data on the amount the P.A. pays terrorists and their families. The Finance Ministry will then withhold that amount from the tax funds.

For some weeks, the Defense Ministry has been assiduously collecting figures to determine the exact amount that the P.A. pays out in “terror salaries.” According to the mechanism stipulated by the law, after a report on the salaries is presented, the Finance Ministry will carry out the deduction.

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Palestinians: The ‘Political Detainees’ No One Talks About


The mother and wife of a Palestinian man being held without trial in a Palestinian Authority (PA) prison in the West Bank have gone on hunger strike as part of a campaign to secure his release. Four days after they began their hunger strike, the two women were rushed to hospital for medical treatment. The women say they will not end their hunger strike unless the PA releases Abdel Rahman Shaheen, who was detained in early January.

The mother of another Palestinian being held in PA prison, Murad Fattash, has also gone on a hunger strike to protest the continued incarceration of her son, who was also detained by the PA in early January.

Palestinians say that Shaheen and Fattash are among dozens of “political detainees” who are being held in PA prisons and detention centers in various parts of the West Bank.

Most of the detainees were taken into custody for criticizing the PA and its leaders and policies. They include engineers, lawyers, university lecturers and students, journalists and political activists affiliated with opposition groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the PLO’s Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

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BDS Prosecution Efforts at UCLA and UCI


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The University of California system has gone out of its way to protect BDS activists by shielding them from prosecution. However, recent efforts by StandWithUs and the Brandeis Center to prosecute event disruptors seem to have had a deterrent effect on BDS activity on California campuses – at least for the time being.

Organized disruptors – both students and non-students – who shut down a pro-Israel gathering at University of California Los Angeles in May 2018 might not be prosecuted, according to information from LA City Attorney Mike Feuer’s office. Instead, they will be called to a confidential but mandatory proceeding called a “City Attorney Hearing,” an alternative to prosecution that can be described as a “warning” not to repeat the conduct. One legal expert compared it to a “deferred prosecution,” but stressed that a full trial could still result.

Victims generally do not appear at such a hearing, the City Attorney’s office explained, and generally no criminal record attaches to the accused. Still, the prosecutor retains the right to issue charges later if he feels the illegal conduct has recurred or may recur.

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Hugh Fitzgerald: Hamid Dabashi on All the Terrible Things Being Done to Muslims (Part Two)


Dabashi again:

The fate of Muslims in their own homeland is not particularly rosier. From one end of the Muslim world to the next, Muslims – in Iran, Syria, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia in particular – live under tyrannical regimes, ruthless dictators, murderous military juntas, with their most basic civil liberties and human rights denied. In Yemen, they are being slaughtered and subjected to man-made famine by the Saudis and their partners – and if one journalist dared to raise his voice he is chopped up to pieces in his own country’s consulate.

Yes, it is true that there are tyrannies, ruthless dictators, murderous juntas, in so many Muslim countries — Dabashi could have listed several more violence-riven Muslim states (as Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Pakistan) — but what does this Muslim-on-Muslim violence have to do with the Unbelievers? Dabashi doesn’t explain. Does he want to blame us, the Unbelievers in the West, for the rule of the Shi’a mullahs, for the Assad despotism, for the more enlightened despotism of Abdelfattah El-Sisi, for the ruthless Al-Saud family of kleptocrats in Saudi Arabia? Perhaps Dabashi should ask himself what is it about the ideology of Islam that makes its adherents uniquely violent and uniquely impervious to democracy? Could it have something to do with the violence that is everywhere in the Qur’an and the Hadith? There are 109 Qur’anic verses that command Muslims to conduct violent Jihad, to “smite at the necks” of the Unbelievers, to “strike terror” in their hearts. Could the violence of Muslim societies have to do with Muhammad, as the Model of Conduct, who took part himself in dozens of military campaigns and claimed that “I have been made victorious through terror”? There is the ideology of Islam, by which the ruler’s legitimacy depends only on his being a good Muslim; being a despot has never been a disqualification.

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