Hugh Fitzgerald: What’s the Matter with Sweden?

The latest sign of civilizational degringolade in Europe comes from the Swedish Department of Justice, in its hysterical reaction to a Facebook posting by Christopher Larsson, who is the leader of the Swedish Democrats — an islamocritical party — in Karlskrona City Council.

Permission had been granted by the Swedish authorities for a local mosque to have a muezzin chant the call to prayer from a minaret in Karlskrona for the very first time. Larsson objected to this, for he understood that the minaret is more than just an innocuous means for broadcasting the call to prayer. Thrusting skyward and lording it over non-Muslim houses of worship, the minaret underscores the Muslim presence, and is potent symbol of Islamic power. It stakes a claim; it says to those non-Muslims forced to endure, five times a day, a raucous call that begins with the first before sunrise, and the last after sundown, that we Muslims are here to stay, we don’t care if our call interferes with your sleep; our “rights” to have the call to prayer broadcast outweigh your rights to sleep.

Erdogan famously once recited a poem, the Soldier’s Prayer, which contains the line: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” Erdogan understood perfectly that the minarets themselves deliver a bellicose message of Islamic supremacism. And that’s why Muslims are so eager to use these minarets, thrusting skyward and imposing ear-piercing azans on Europe’s Unbelievers. Nowadays it is completely unnecessary to deliver the call to prayer from minarets. Cell phones in universal use can now be programmed to ring softly or vibrate, reminding their owners of the times for prayer, without disturbing the Unbelievers. But that’s just the point: Muslims want to have the call to prayer broadcast from the minarets, even if, or especially if, it is no longer needed, to show the Unbelievers whose claims now prevail.

via Hugh Fitzgerald: What’s the Matter with Sweden?

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