Trump warns EU not to evade US sanctions against Iran

“The White House is putting the Europeans on notice, saying that if they try to do an end-run around U.S. sanctions on Iran, they will be subject to stiff fines and penalties.” Iran is a rogue nation with jihadist proxies operating worldwide; it aims to obliterate Israel. No Western nation should be appeasing it. Unfortunately, Barack Hussein Obama did just that, apparently trusting that his appeasement strategy would contain Iran.

Another well-known fact is that globalists are eroding democratic institutions with their suicidal open-border policies, curbing free speech, arrogating ever more power to the anti-democratic United Nations — and doing business with the likes of Iran. So it’s no surprise that “unfazed, the European Union is marching forward with the plan, which, if implemented, could further strain trans-Atlantic relations.” This excludes the nations of the EU that make up the Visegrad group (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia), as well as Austria and Italy, which have stood for freedom.

It’s now a faceoff: according to Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark), “the choice is whether to do business with Iran or the United States….I hope our European allies choose wisely.” Let’s hope no one holds his or her breath regarding the wisdom of most EU countries.

via Trump warns EU not to evade US sanctions against Iran

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