The Persistence of European Antisemitism

The fight against antisemitism on the international level continues to be characterized by restraint combined with ignorance — a potentially deadly combination. European hand-wringing and the spouting of clichés will never suffice to combat the problem; the extent of the rot must be acknowledged if it is to be effectively confronted.

Almost every day in Europe, there is a statement, a workshop, or a symposium on antisemitism. An international conference on the problem recently took place in Vienna, for example, under the auspices of Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz. Do such activities have any effect on European antisemitism, which grows by the day? Do they create any obstacle to the enormous diffusion and radicalization of online antisemitism — i.e., Jew-hatred 2.0?

Judging from the past ten years, little has changed. Eloquent speeches are given, appeals are published, clichés are uttered about confronting Jew-hatred with a “resolute fight” and “with all the severity of the law” — and after some head-shaking and hand-wringing, everybody returns to business as usual.

via The Persistence of European Antisemitism

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