UK: Parents removing children from lessons on Islam, visits to mosques

The Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education revealed that parents in in the borough of Thurrock “have objected to the teaching of Islam and withdrawn children from lessons and visits to places of worship,” namely mosques.

The Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education, like many other Western groups that promote dialogue, should educate its members first about Islamic doctrine. It would find that its focus instead should be on promoting tolerance and assimilation among Muslim migrants, as well as among mainstream Islamic groups that are generally negative toward Western values of pluralism (which includes the freedom of speech) and the equality of all humans, i.e. no supremacist entitlements, no inferior status for women.

Children visiting mosques, Islamic Centers and the like teaches them nothing about how to promote genuine interfaith harmony. Such visits do not address the real concerns that non-Muslims in the UK have about Islam: the Muslim rape gangs that have been covered up in Britain and the Sharia courts that are operating beyond the reach of British law, not to mention the jihad attacks. Are the children being taught about the Islamic texts that teach and sanctions such abuse? Of course not, and schools are certainly not the place to address it all. These issues are too serious to be covered up with friendly posturing that attempts to conceal unwelcome truths and promote a false sense of societal safety and unity. And parents know it.

via UK: Parents removing children from lessons on Islam, visits to mosques

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