Hungary: Viktor Orban welcomes launch of “anti-immigration” axis to change EU direction

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban “has welcomed the creation of an anti-immigration “axis” in Europe” that would “team up with countries like Italy and Poland to change the bloc’s direction.”

The focus of the “anti-immigrant” drive is opposition to mass Muslim migration.

Orban stated that “he believed there would be ‘two civilizations’ in the EU: ‘one mixed Muslim-Christian in the west and one traditional, in central Europe.’”

Italian interior minister Matteo Salvini is also calling for a “Rome-Warsaw axis to build ‘a new Europe’ that was against migration.”

During his election campaign last year, Salvini stated that “Islam is incompatible with the constitution,” and in response to Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz closing down seven mosques last summer, “Salvini hailed the decision and called for a meeting to discuss common strategies.”

via Hungary: Viktor Orban welcomes launch of “anti-immigration” axis to change EU direction

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