Italy: Archbishop breaks ranks, condemns fellow prelates who advocate breaking immigration laws

“An archbishop has broken ranks from fellow Italian prelates, saying that mayors have no right to appeal to conscientious objection to disobey the nation’s immigration laws.” Luigi Negri didn’t just oppose fellow Italian prelates with his comments. He also has indirectly opposed the Pope, who recently hijacked the religious feast day Epiphany, celebrated by millions of Christians around the world on January 6. Pope Francis gave a mass to around 60,000 people in St Peter’s Basilica, but he decided to deliver his shameless sales pitch to advance open-door immigration before the worshipers.

Negri further stated:

The right to object is to be defended when fundamental principles are undermined….Those mayors who use conscientious objection deliberately as a political tool against legitimate actions of superior or equal authorities, abuse the concept.

An abuse that the Pope has committed in his role repeatedly. Also important was Negri’s recognition of the importance of Judeo-Christian culture and the threats posed to its institutions:

The archbishop said moreover that not everyone is in a position to integrate into Italian society, which is based on a Judeo-Christian understanding of the person, family, and society

He was clearly referring to Islamic supremacists, who have wreaked havoc throughout Europe and elsewhere.

via Italy: Archbishop breaks ranks, condemns fellow prelates who advocate breaking immigration laws

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