Germany: Politician who opposes mass migration beaten, Left leader warns against violence “even towards the AfD”

This is likely the work of Leftists who believe that any opposition to mass Muslim migration into Europe is “bigoted” and “racist” and “Islamophobic.” This incendiary rhetoric was inevitably going to boil over into violence. As the Left grows increasingly thuggish and intolerant of dissent, this is the result. Note the way the establishment media covers the story: Magnitz is characterized as “far-right” in every publication, which is a semaphore meaning “Don’t have sympathy for him or endorse his cause.” And Cem Özdemir of the Green party can’t even refrain on this occasion from defaming the Alternative for Germany (AfD), Magnitz’s party: “Even towards the AfD there is no justification for violence. Whoever fights hatred with hatred ultimately allows hatred to win.”

He, and the establishment media organs reporting on this, takes for granted that it is “hatred” to oppose mass Muslim migration, despite the fact that jihadis have entered Europe among the “refugees,” and that Sharia supremacists are causing strife all over Europe. The implication is just the opposite of his stated words: there is a sly suggestion that violence against people such as the “far-right,” “hateful” Magnitz is indeed justified. That’s the lesson that the establishment media wants you to take away from this episode.

via Germany: Politician who opposes mass migration beaten, Left leader warns against violence “even towards the AfD”

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