Alhamdulillah: For Ilhan Omar, All Praise Be To Allah For Her Victory (Part Three)

Saying “alhamdulillah” is an “act of humility” because it ascribes to Allah, not to Ilhan Omar or her supporters, her election victory. All praise be to Allah. Despite the claims of Huda Hawa and Margaret Hill that Christian politicians make similar statements praising God for their victories, I have neither heard, nor read, of Christian politicians who routinely used those phrases. Indeed, by searching online, I found exactly one example: Senator Ted Cruz used the phrase “praise be to God” once, when he defeated Donald Trump in the Texas Republican primary. And no doubt such a phrase may have been uttered by a few holy-rollers among our politicians, especially in the past, but they would now be looked at askance for attributing their political triumphs to God. In a democracy, not a theocracy, politicians thank their families, their supporters, their party. They do not claim that it was because of God (“all praise be to God”) that they won.

“We don’t bat an [eye] when Christians reference their faith in victory speeches, in moments of silence, or opening prayers,” Hill said. “If we as Muslims are questioned for using phrases which are part of our daily life, then that speaks a lot to the climate of anti-Muslim bigotry.”

via Alhamdulillah: For Ilhan Omar, All Praise Be To Allah For Her Victory (Part Three)

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