BBC Radio 4’s selective framing of the “hardships” of Gaza Christians

BBC Watch

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On the morning of December 24th BBC Radio 4’s Today programme aired yet another report produced during Mishal Husain’s recent visit to the Gaza Strip.

Presenter Justin Webb introduced the item (from 1:42:48 here) as follows: [emphasis in bold added]

Webb: “This time last week we were reporting from Gaza and for its small Christian community this of course is the time of year when many dream of getting to Bethlehem which isn’t, after all, that far away to celebrate Christmas. However, given the blockade maintained by Israel – it says of course that’s for security reasons – travelling to the West Bank requires special permission which many do not get. Mishal Husain went to meet Palestinian Christians at one church in Gaza City.”

Having described the scene at a reception for a “visiting delegation from Jerusalem” and spoken to a couple of children,

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Israeli Politics of Ineptitude and Improbabilities

Beyond the Cusp

Just a few weeks ago, the leader of the Jewish Home Party, Naftali Bennett, threatened the governing coalition headed by Bibi Netanyahu, at a time immediately after Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman resigned pulling his Yisrael Beiteinu Party from the coalition making things shaky at best leaving exactly the minimal sixty-one mandates required to have a ruling coalition, that if he did not receive the Defense Portfolio he and his number two, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked would leave the coalition taking their party and the coalition would collapse. Well, Bibi had a heart to heart with Naftali and Naftali had a change of heart and remained in the coalition. That was a few weeks back and since then Bibi had made a recovery and again appears to be the strength of Israel, so his ruling party, Likud, collapsed the coalition sending Israel into an election cycle. This made Naftali Bennett appear…

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The Rubber Whip: Extremist Persecution of Christians, October 2018


The Slaughter of Christians

Nigeria: As many as 55 Christians were murdered and a church was torched during an attack by Muslims on a crowded market in Kaduna state on October 18. A local source explained:

“A Muslim raised a false alarm about a thief in the market, which caused stampede, and then other Muslims started chanting ‘Allahu Akbar [the jihadist slogan, God is Greater],’ attacking Christians, burning houses and shops belonging to Christians in the town.”

“When people heard ‘Thief! Thief!’ they were confused and started running,” the reverend James Moore elaborated. “Unknown to the people, it was a strategy by the Muslim youth to attack the people. They went into killings, looting and burning.” After visiting the site, Kaduna governor Nasir El-Rufai reported that so far “55 corpses have been recovered; some burned beyond recognition.” He added that such Islamist attacks “cannot continue…. This country belongs to all of us; this state belongs to all of us. No one is going to chase anyone away. So, you must learn to live with everyone in peace and justice.”

Separately, the Islamic State, West Africa Province, a faction of the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram, released a video depicting the execution of Hauwa Leman, a 24-year-old aid worker with the Red Cross. A month earlier, on September 15, they killed another aid worker, Saifura Khorsa. Both women were earlier abducted during jihadi raids and killed on the charge of apostatizing from Islam. In the video, the Muslim terrorists make Hauwa kneel down on the ground with her hands tied before shooting her. In the same video, they threatened to keep Leah Sharibu, a 15-year-old Christian girl who refused to renounce Christianity, and Alice Loksha Ngaddah, a young Christian nurse with United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, and mother of two toddlers, as slaves for life. A spokesman for the Islamic terror group explained:

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Israel and Abbas: Security Cooperation + Terrorism


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: At one and the same time, the PA indirectly encourages terrorism while pursuing extensive security cooperation with Israel to quell it. Israel accepts this contradictory framework and will probably continue to do so, even during the succession crisis that is likely to follow Abbas’s demise.

Ostensibly, the message praising Majd Jammal Matir’s “martyrdom” in a knifing attack that wounded two Israeli border policemen in Jerusalem’s Old City on December 13 was little different from many Palestinian messages of condolence and praise for perpetrators of terrorism in the area.

But it contained two crucial details that highlight the tortuous relationship between Mahmoud Abbas, who rules over the Palestinian Authority with the help of over 170,000 employees and a budget of $4.9 billion, and Israel.

The first is that it was the Fatah Movement, over which Abbas presides, that conveyed the message mourning Matir’s “martyrdom.” The second is that in the expression of condolence, Matir is linked to another “martyr” from the Qalandia refugee camp: General Bashir Nafi. Nafi was a former senior officer in Military Intelligence, one of the many security services that existed under Arafat at the time of his death.

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Multiculturalism and the Transformation of Britain in 2018: Part I – January-June 2018


The Muslim population of Britain surpassed 4.2 million in 2018 to become around 6.3% of the overall population of 64 million, according to data extrapolated from a recent study on the growth of the Muslim population in Europe. In real terms, Britain has the third-largest Muslim population in the European Union, after France, then Germany.

The rapid growth of Britain’s Muslim population can be attributed to immigration, high birth rates and conversions to Islam.

Islam and Islam-related issues, omnipresent in Britain during 2018, can be categorized into several broad themes: 1) Islamic extremism and the security implications of British jihadists; 2) The continuing spread of Islamic Sharia law in Britain; 3) The sexual exploitation of British children by Muslim gangs; 4) Muslim integration into British society; and 5) The failures of British multiculturalism.


January 1. Four British jihadis, sentenced to life in prison for planning a major terror attack in Birmingham, received nearly £800,000 (€900,000; $1 million) in taxpayer-funded legal aid to cover their failed defense, according to information obtained through a freedom of information request. Khobaib Hussain, 25, Naweed Ali, 30, Mohibur Rahman, 33, and Tahir Aziz, 38, received £790,485 to pay for lawyers. Some £635,822 went to the trial lawyers; each of the defendants was represented by a Queen’s Counsel and junior barrister. The billing process is not yet complete; the final figure likely to be higher.

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Alhamdulillah: For Ilhan Omar, All Praise Be To Allah For Her Victory (Part Three)


Saying “alhamdulillah” is an “act of humility” because it ascribes to Allah, not to Ilhan Omar or her supporters, her election victory. All praise be to Allah. Despite the claims of Huda Hawa and Margaret Hill that Christian politicians make similar statements praising God for their victories, I have neither heard, nor read, of Christian politicians who routinely used those phrases. Indeed, by searching online, I found exactly one example: Senator Ted Cruz used the phrase “praise be to God” once, when he defeated Donald Trump in the Texas Republican primary. And no doubt such a phrase may have been uttered by a few holy-rollers among our politicians, especially in the past, but they would now be looked at askance for attributing their political triumphs to God. In a democracy, not a theocracy, politicians thank their families, their supporters, their party. They do not claim that it was because of God (“all praise be to God”) that they won.

“We don’t bat an [eye] when Christians reference their faith in victory speeches, in moments of silence, or opening prayers,” Hill said. “If we as Muslims are questioned for using phrases which are part of our daily life, then that speaks a lot to the climate of anti-Muslim bigotry.”

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