Islamic “reformer”: “Islamic orthodoxy deviated from its foundations by abrogating the peaceful verses of the Quran”

Juan Cole’s book about Muhammad is a work of fantasy. “Cole offers an ambitiously revisionist picture of the father of Islam, replacing the idea of a militant leader with one of a peacemaker who wanted only to preach his monotheism freely and even sought ‘multicultural’ harmony.”

Great, except Muhammad wasn’t really a seeker after “multicultural” harmony at all. He preached and established a society in which non-Muslims had an inferior second-class status. But even if this were true, how does Cole explain why so very many Muslims around the world misunderstand the founder of their own religion, and think of him more as a “militant leader” rather than one who “sought ‘multicultural’ harmony”?

Discover what the earliest Islamic texts say that Muhammad said and did, and see just how far he was from a seeker after “multicultural harmony,” in the first chapter of The History of Jihad, and more fully in The Truth About Muhammad.

via Islamic “reformer”: “Islamic orthodoxy deviated from its foundations by abrogating the peaceful verses of the Quran”

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