Former Obama counterterrorism chief says jihad terror threat is getting worse, without naming it

Former Obama White House homeland security and counterterrorism adviser Lisa Monaco is warning that “the terror threat getting worse.” She is referring, of course, to the jihad threat that neither she nor any other Obama official dares to name. It was the Obama Administration that tied the hands of counter-jihad analysts by scrubbing all reference to Islam from counterterror training materials, making it nearly impossible for intelligence and law enforcement agents to know and understand the people they were trying to stop. While serving as FBI director, Robert Mueller “decided to purge hundreds of counter-terrorism training materials that arguably rendered America less safe in the face of a growing domestic Islamic extremist problem.”

Today the media is quick to attack Trump as racist when he speaks about the jihad threat. Had Trump said the same thing Monaco said, he would be accused of stoking irrational fears.

Monaco also stated that “the U.S. government today is ‘not equipped’ and inadequately focused on domestic terrorist issues in particular, and that the risks of radicalization outside of jihadist violence remained pervasive.”

“Outside of jihadist violence,” that is, she is referring to the so-called “right-wing extremist” threat.

via Former Obama counterterrorism chief says jihad terror threat is getting worse, without naming it

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