Real World War

“The war is on,” General Mike Flynn wrote three years ago. And he went on to describe it in our best-selling book The Field of Fight.

We face a working coalition that extends from North Korea and China to Russia, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua. We are under attack, not only from nation-states directly, but also from al Qaeda, Hezbollah, ISIS, and countless other terror groups.

It’s a world war, and the enemy alliance is composed of both radical Islamist groups and nations—above all, Iran and its proxies–and radical secular tyrannies, like Putin’s. While we have defeated them every time we fought them on an actual battlefield, today we are nowhere near winning the real world war. Our enemies are advancing in the Middle East and North Africa, and flooding our hemisphere with terrorists, even in our own homeland.

We have to win this global conflict, and there are several ways to do it. Above all, we must launch a vigorous political campaign against their anti-democratic ideologies. Far too many American intellectuals and politicians say we lack “standing” for such a campaign. They are wrong, as they were similarly wrong during the Cold War. Reagan was repeatedly criticized for pointing out the failure of Soviet Communism, but we now know from the dissidents that overthrew it that Reagan’s words were important and inspirational.

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