Islamic party of Ontario to run in next election, says Islam is Canada’s native religion, “anti-hate” groups silent

The Islamic Party of Ontario, is a new political party that plans to run in the next Ontario provincial election.

Among the party’s principles and policies:

Islam is the only and oldest DEEN of GOD brought and started by Adam (p.b.u.h.), the first man and the first messenger of God, created by God without mother and father. It is the same DEEN brought by Jesus (p.b.u.h.) before Muhammadﷺ who born without father. It is a misconception that Islam is a “religion” created by Muhammad ﷺ. Islam is the only way to attain peace and justice and provides laws without any prejudice….We understand and believe that Islam is the native DEEN of Ontario and Canada

This did not happen overnight. Due to the ongoing silencing of critics, promotion of Islamic supremacists and “anti-racism” peddlers (very different from true human rights advocates), the Islamization of Western societies is advancing. In Canada, it’s progressing fast, especially following the passage of anti-Islamophobia Motion M03 by Parliament. Social media and email correspondence is abuzz with the revelation that the Islamic Party of Ontario plans to run in the next Ontario provincial election, but who is to blame? Is it really Islamic supremacists who have long spoken openly about their global agenda? Or is it their Leftist water carriers and other enablers who have facilitated them in chipping away at the cornerstones of democracy, primarily the freedom of speech?

The second article below focuses upon the “Curious Lack of Response from Anti Hate Media Regarding Exposé of Hate Speech From Islamic Organizations.”

via Islamic party of Ontario to run in next election, says Islam is Canada’s native religion, “anti-hate” groups silent

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