Hugh Fitzgerald: The Taylor Force Act Does Not Go Far Enough (Part Two)

The Taylor Force Act was intended to discourage the PA’s financial support for terrorists and their families. It’s a start. But it’s not enough. Other legislation is now needed — an Act To Oppose Glorifying Terrorism (it might be called, less awkwardly, the Gail Rubin Act, after the first victim, an American, of Dalal Maghrebi), to discourage the PA’s promotion of terrorism, especially on its television programs for children, and in its naming of squares, parks, streets, schools, camps, and courses, after “Palestinian” terrorists. Of course, the “Palestinians” won’t change the names of those squares, parks, streets, schools, camps, and courses. But their refusal to comply with what all decent people will see as an eminently reasonable request will make it easier for much deeper cuts to be made in American aid.

Just imagine how useful the public discussion of a proposed “Gail Rubin Act” could be. The Act’s Congressional sponsors could show, for a television audience of millions, many of the schools, squares, streets, parks, etc., named in honor of such murderers as Dalal Mughrabi. They could then explain exactly what murderous deeds Mughrabi, Abu Iyad, Yahya Ayyash, and others had done to be so “honored” by the PA. And American news programs could also re-broadcast the children’s programs shown on PA television, where cute preschoolers sing along with a “Palestinian” Mickey Mouse, as they express their cheerful desire to “kill Jews.” That should be eye-opening for many in this country, who have no real idea of the atmosphere of hate in which “Palestinian” children are raised.

via Hugh Fitzgerald: The Taylor Force Act Does Not Go Far Enough (Part Two)

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