Italy: Pro-polygamy Muslim leader seeks “Islamic representation” in government

Hamza Piccardo, Founder of the Union of Italian Islamic communities, “One of Italy’s most prominent Muslim leaders has challenged interior minister Matteo Salvini to find a way to give Muslims ‘democratic representation’ in government.”

Islamic supremacists routinely manipulate democracy when expedient. They make dogged efforts to force free nations to establish a two-tier system featuring Sharia for Muslims, including the aspects of it that are incompatible with the norms of democratic societies.

Here’s the kicker: Piccardo deems polygamy a “civil right” in his version of the “democracy” he’s pushing in Italy. Here’s how he justifies it:

Piccardo urged Italians in 2016 not to “undervalue polygamy’s demographic effect,” which would help “rebalance” Italy’s low birthrate and the consequent need for foreign manpower.

Globalists have certainly been “rebalancing” Europe’s low birthdate through their enabling of the hijrah, thereby emboldening the likes of Piccardo, who clearly hopes to compel Italy to accept Islamic law. The jihadist cause of defeating the House of War has been advancing in increments.

Piccardo’s next step: to call Salvini “racist” for not acceding to his demands.

via Italy: Pro-polygamy Muslim leader seeks “Islamic representation” in government

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