Author J. K. Rowling Takes on UK Labour Party Antisemitism in Satirical Tweet-Fest

Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling mocked this past weekend the UK Labour party over the antisemitism scandals it has been roiled by in recent years.

In a 16-part Twitter thread, Rowling portrayed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters as a fanatical cult in blissful denial of their own antisemitism.

Titled, “The visitation of the Corbynites: a festive thread,” the tweet fest began, “And lo, unto her did appear a host of Corbyn defenders, who did descend upon her mentions, and she was not sore afraid, because she was used to it. And the host did sing with one voice, ‘ungodly woman, thou foolest us not. We know the true reason thou despisest Saint Jeremy.’”

Rowling then skewered Corbyn’s backers in Labour for their stances on Brexit, taxation and economics, as well as their slavish devotion to their party’s leader.

“‘But his goodness doth shine out of his every orifice!’ cried the host, swarming anew into her mentions. ‘Behold his beard! Look upon this picture of him being led off by police when he was protesting racism in all its forms!’” Rowling wrote.

Turning to Labour’s antisemitism problem, she tweeted, “Yet must I protest, thou it breaketh my heart so to do, that this party of Labour, which I have so long loved, has become, under St Jeremy – ‘ ‘Speak not of the Jews!’ cried the host. ‘Why must thou speak so oft of the Jews?’ ‘Yea, I must speak,’ said she, ‘for when Jews no longer feel safe in Labour then I too must leave.’”

via Author J. K. Rowling Takes on UK Labour Party Antisemitism in Satirical Tweet-Fest

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