Report: Muslim Brotherhood-linked Terror Group Killed 14 Egyptians Last Year


A violent Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated group, the Hasm Movement, carried out several deadly attacks contributing to an overall increase in terrorism plaguing Egypt last year, according to the 2018 Global Terrorism Index report.

Deaths from terrorist attacks more than doubled in Egypt in 2017, as coded by the Global Terrorism Database (GTD). Wilayat Sinai, the Islamic State’s Sinai Peninsula affiliate, remains Egypt’s deadliest group. Wilayat Sinai launched the deadliest attack in Egypt’s history when 311 people were killed in November 2017 in a coordinated assault on the al-Rawda mosque.

The Islamic State in Egypt, which operates in the country’s mainland and was responsible for 98 deaths in 2017, is the country’s second-deadliest terror group. But beyond the Islamic State affiliates, the next most lethal Egyptian terrorist group is the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) affiliate Hasm Movement. Hasm carried out seven attacks in 2017, resulting in 14 deaths.

While less lethal than Islamic State affiliates in the country, the Hasm Movement is relatively nascent, only emerging in 2016.

In June 2017, it detonated an “anti-vehicle explosive device” in Cairo “which led to the destruction to the military vehicle and the killing of two officers,” according to a Hasm Movement statement released shortly after that attack.

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Bahrain Opposes UN Resolution Condemning Hamas, Denounces Hezbollah — on Same Day


In what may well turn out to be a first for an Arab country, the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain publicly opposed a UN vote to condemn Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group, while publicly supporting an Israeli military operation against Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist group — all on the same day.

While the US-sponsored resolution at the UN General Assembly on Thursday condemning Hamas won a historic 87 votes in favor, Bahrain was among the 57 countries to vote against it. That in itself was not unexpected, as all of the Arab and most of the Muslim member states — including those with burgeoning behind-the-scenes ties with Israel, like Oman and the United Arab Emirates — opposed the US draft.

But what did raise eyebrows was the tweet issued earlier in the day by Bahrain’s foreign minister that denounced Hezbollah — Iran’s Shi’a proxy in Lebanon — as a “terrorist” organization.

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Revisiting a BBC report on Israeli ‘accusation’ concerning Iran

BBC Watch

Back in June the BBC News website reported that Israel had ‘blamed’ Iran for supporting the ‘Great Return March’ violent rioting along the Gaza Strip-Israel border which was then in its third month.

“Israel has accused Iran of fuelling recent violence on the Gaza border that has seen more than 100 Palestinians killed amid protests against Israel. […]

In the leaflets dropped on Gaza Israel’s military repeated its warning to Palestinians to not go near the heavily-fortified border fence.

“For your own benefit, it is better that you not participate in the violent riots at the fence, not attempt to breach it, and not permit Hamas to turn you into a tool to advance its narrow agenda,” the message said.

“Behind this agenda is Shia Iran, which has made it its mission to inflame tensions in the region for the sake of its religious and sectarian interests.”

Iran is a…

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