Don’t Be Fooled by Success, Israel Faces an Escalating Lebanese Conundrum

The complex game of chess on the Israel-Lebanon ‎border recently saw the IDF take one of Hezbollah’s rooks or ‎knights — but not its king or queen. In other words, ‎while Operation Northern Shield marks a serious achievement for Israel and deals ‎Hezbollah a massive blow, it by no means spells the ‎kind of checkmate that could determine the outcome ‎of a future war in Lebanon.

Hezbollah planned its tunnel grid as a strategic ‎surprise (which is now lost), but that will not ‎change its ultimate plans. Hezbollah has bigger problems, ‎namely the political turmoil in Lebanon and the ‎economic crisis plaguing the country, both of which are ‎aggravated by the looming prospect of a wider-scale ‎Israeli operation against Hezbollah’s precision-missile ‎production sites in Lebanon.‎

Israel’s focus on Hezbollah’s missile upgrade ‎efforts was precisely what allowed the IDF to take ‎the Shiite terrorist group by surprise on Tuesday.‎ Intelligence about Hezbollah’s tunnel-digging ‎enterprise was diligently gathered and documented ‎over a long period of time, providing conclusive ‎evidence as part of the international public-‎diplomacy campaign that Israel is mounting while ‎operations on the ground continue. ‎

With all due respect to IDF bulldozers, the real ‎objective of Operation Northern Shield was the ‎international community. The Israeli message is ‎clear: Hezbollah violated UN Resolution 1701 ‎‎(which ended the 2006 Lebanon war) and ‎breached Israeli sovereignty, and its actions may plunge the region into war.‎

via Don’t Be Fooled by Success, Israel Faces an Escalating Lebanese Conundrum

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