Iran and Proxies Increasingly Threatening Israel Part I

Beyond the Cusp

The level of threats of violence by Iran and its proxies against Israel has taken a marked increase since the ceasefire was negotiated between Israel and Hamas through Egyptian proxies. The Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, threatened that Israel would feel the full wrath that the terror group and its allies were capable should Israel start a new round of violence. Hezballah has also threatened to destroy every Israeli city, town and village should Israel attack Lebanon (see video below). Adding to these, Iran has issued a number of threats through President Hassan Rouhani as well as through Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei their complimentary denunciations referring to Israel as a cancer which requires excising, while stating on Twitter, “The Zionist regime is clearly weaker than 10, 20 years ago. A few years ago they fought Hezbollah for 33 days and were defeated. They were…

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